Who decides when you are ready for the truth?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

We are in a world where you worry about whether you make logic before you begin to talk about anything. So many checks and balances have been put to determine whether you make sense or not. People are afraid of the checks and balances, so they must give disclaimers in every information they try to put across. There is information that is considered out of this world. So much so that if you talk about it, they will say that the world is not ready for it just yet. Who are they who decide what we are ready for, or not?

So, before I stand to speak, I check whether my information is logical. This surely limits my ability to pass information in its natural and original state. When I am writing the information down, I feel that it is rich with so much information, so much beauty of expression. But by the time I am presenting it, I must put so many filters and now it just seems so bare! Is this why people fight for freedom of expression or freedom of speech? What type of freedom is this?

Logic seems to rule this earth plane. I would like to just stand and deliver my messages without choosing what is appropriate for the audience and what is not. I would like to give it as raw as it is, so that it is them who decided whether they are taking it all in or leaving some of it. This way, I would have expressed myself freely. Otherwise, I feel like my creativity is being infringed upon.

Well, so the question that begs is, when will they be ready for the full information, the disclosure? Or rather will they ever be ready for the full disclosure? See, they have put so many rules to control how information should be disseminated just because they are afraid. For one, people are always afraid that if the masses have full disclosure, then they will realize that those who are in control have been taking them for a ride.

Those who are in the position of leadership rarely like to be challenged. If this is so hard for them, how hard would it be to let the truth get to the people? There are so many people out here calling themselves truthers. Their sole purpose is to educate or create awareness for what they consider to be the truth. Most of this information, however, when released, tends to increase the fear from the masses. It pokes holes in their belief systems. Most of them still do not accept the truth to be what it is, because they do not want to see that they have been hoodwinked all their life.

So, what is the truth anyway? There seem to be many truths out there, and not one of them is common to all of us. We all tend to interpret and view things differently, and from a different angle, per se. According to our interpretation, we end up settling to some truth, or rather, what we are convinced to be our truth. So, trying to show people some truth and term it as a general truth is not an easy affair.

The challenge here is that we have been programmed to believe truths that have been created and packaged for us. It is like they do not want you to burden yourself trying to look for your own truth. They just want you to accept it as it is. It works best that way. While this seems to serve those that rule or control us, it does not work well with us, or it does not work to our advantage.

For a long time, information has been protected and only made accessible to just a chosen few. But things have changed now. The internet has made it easier to connect with people and share information. The geographical distance on the internet is zero. Information can be shared from one place to another, provided there is internet connectivity.

Thanks to the internet, people have gained access to a variety of information. But even then, they still get to decide or discern. It does not end just by accessing the information. What difference does this make? I mean, we have always had information being flashed right in front of our eyes, but we do not see it. Sometimes it comes too easy until we suspect it. Just because they say that ‘if the deal is too good, think twice’.

So, now with the internet, all we have to do is get on a social networking platform and spread the news or access the news. Oh, just one more thing, we must sign up for the community guidelines, and the terms and conditions of use too. There are rules of engagement here too! How free is the internet? How free is freedom of speech? How free is freedom of expression? Even on your own social platform you still have to be too careful to speak your mind! Where shall we go to express ourselves without fear of being shut down?

Now, people are forced to use code words when releasing sensitive information, just so they get to keep using their platforms because they still need them. On the internet, you do not worry too much about making logic. You can talk uncensored to some degree, but the worry is who is that person in your platform that is going to report you to the relevant authorities for flouting some rules. We have people acting as spies all over social networking platforms.

So, the truth is still censored. We still have to give it in small doses. Other people feel offended by this truth. They still have the right not to accept it. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, right? But you, the reader get to discern. Even in those truths that are considered general truth, you have to question them and see if they feel right for you. So that when you accept them, you know what you have signed up for. Of what consequences is the truth that you have chosen to believe in? Know or be at peace with the consequences.

Otherwise, information is always going to be out there. Fear is always going to be used as a shield to ‘protect’ us from the truths. We will only benefit by taking the truth and dissecting it to find or make out our own truths. The search for the truth never ends and people will not be muzzled forever either. Whatever it is that you are searching for, keep searching. You will eventually find each other.

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