Physical Survival and Spiritual Survival.

woman preparing for climbing high on wall
Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

When a baby is born into this strange world, the first concern is whether it will survive. The doctor will be present to check for any complications that might threaten its survival. So, the game of surviving, goes on even when one becomes an adult, and can fend for themselves. It never really stops, does it? The first person to be in charge of caring for the new infant is the mother. The mothers are very important for this role-physical survival.

Of course, there are chances of survival with the absence of the mother, but it comes with challenges as well. This is physical survival. Learning the new environment, and adapting to it, and finally, maybe, becoming a master of It. This is like a game where, those who came before you are given charge of showing you the way, and you will then do it for those who will come after you.

Those who preceded you, make some important choices that end up shaping your life. You get to learn quite a lot from them. Throughout this learning period, your choices are influenced by the adults. They think, or believe that they are acting in your best interest, and you trust them, because you do not know any better. One could say that you are ignorant of the ways of the world. The learner believes that they have the best teachers, or the best caregivers.

Because most responsibilities are taken up by the teacher,s or adults, we have little to no worry about our survival, physical survival that is. Most of our needs are provided, and we do not worry so much about where we are going to spend the night, or whether we are going to take a shower, or not. Only when you are considered an adult, do you start to become aware of the responsibilities that are then shifted to your shoulders. You are then required to apply the lessons that you were taught. Those who learn fast are thought to have more chances of survival, compared to slow learners. But circumstances change, and sometimes those who seem to be favored in our eyes do not go so far. Critical, and creative thinking are detrimental to survival.

Different geographical locations have different challenges, so eventually, those who become masters of the game cannot be compared as equals. If one were to take the other’s position, there is a higher chance that they will react differently to similar circumstances. While moving up through the levels of this system or game, one keeps the lessons that they learn, and most of them are helpful in ‘mastering’ the game.

Some of these lessons, if well kept by the learner, will be a measure of mental strength. How will they best respond, or react to expected, or unexpected occurrences? How long will it take for them to cave into the challenges of the game? Well, after all the curiosity is satisfied, what then? Are there adventures to this game? Are there things that are not in the ‘book of life?’ Is it all work, or there is also fun to it?

The questions above, are what one then begins to ask, if at all they feel like they are ready to have an adventure of their own. Maybe flip the coin, and check what is on the other side, or check what is on the upper floor. Well, since the elevator is already there, they might as well just use it. This is a metaphor about the elevator that is available, but one never sees it. So, they remain comfortable in their room, never aware that they are leaving in an apartment with many floors. When they finally see it, it will amaze them. This is for those who will be curious enough, to find out what kind of adventures are in life. Those things that people talk about in hush tones, or those that are not talked about at all.

Such is the ideal situation with spiritual survival. One can always move through the ‘invisible’ rungs above physical survival. Those that they were not aware of yet. Suddenly to their curiosity the rungs will begin to be visible. This will be driven by the will of the player. Nobody ever knows if, or when they are ready to climb higher, not until they are ready. The apple falls when it is ready. So, the elevator will become visible, when the person is ready to use it. Otherwise, it will always be there, but remain unseen, and therefore, unused.

The invisible rungs, and the elevator here, represent the way to spiritual survival, or spiritual evolution. As clearly as it seems, this is quite personal to the one using either of the aforementioned tools. If they are seeing the elevator, then it’s only them. Others could see the elevator as something else. Another possibility is that one person could use the elevator to access different levels, different from another person. What then does one find, after climbing the invisible rungs that are now visible for them?

This is such an adventure, where one could most probably get the answers to the questions that were unanswered in the system of physical survival. It is not necessarily a hierarchical system, this relation between the physical and spiritual, but it seems like the best way to bring this idea about. So what makes one ready to begin the journey of spiritual survival? There could be shedding away of some aspects of physical survival, and accepting to learn more of what you do not know. This surely comes with uncertainty.

These invisible rungs that have been mentioned several times are actually in us. They are not visible, only because we survive physically by focusing on the external environment. Looking out is the better term. This (spiritual survival) is like going out on a mission to find something, you get it, but not as you thought it would be, or you get a different thing altogether. How does one begin to retrain themselves, to shift the focus to a whole new perspective of life? What does it take, to shake a person enough to come to this position?

We all have equal chances at spiritual evolution. The only difference would be, the extent to which we are willing to open ourselves to the creator, or to life, they are just one thing anyway. Having this life force energy in us, is the only qualification that is needed, for this spiritual survival, or spiritual evolution to occur. How beautiful is the contrast? Physical survival chances do not seem to be equal on the other hand. There are those who influence their chances of survival by changing the rules to favor them. The rules are made by man for man. So, they are subject to change by those that make them. Spiritual survival will happen at your own pace, and you can only let in as much as you want. You can only go as far as you want. Free will is respected. The freedom of choice is honored.

Do you want to find the elevator in your room and use it? Who then is this child that must be taught how to survive? What are they familiar with, that does not apply to this new environment? From where do they come from, to end up here? Namaste.

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