What is your personal reality?

There has been so much talk about alternate realities. People already know about the two worlds split, which is also known as 3rdDimension earth and 5th Dimension earth. People say that the earth has already evolved to the 5th Dimension and that some people are in between 3rd and 5th Dimension. They keep going back and forth. They say that there is a difference in vibration for these two Dimensions. Most of us are familiar with the term dimensions, but it is mostly because of the x, y, z dimensions, or space, time dimension. It is more of a mathematical and physical knowledge other than spiritual knowledge.

Some scriptures talked about a time when some people would disappear from the face of the earth and leave others behind. It is said that two will be working on the farm, one will go and the other will remain. There are other examples from the scriptures about one or two people leaving others behind and going to an undisclosed place. The scriptures also say that no one knows when this time will be.

I have come to realize that we, human beings, are so dependent on physical signs. But we cannot be blamed because what we are experiencing is a physical reality. People only believe what is visible and tangible. That is why it is close to impossible to convince people of the spiritual realm. In a space where science dictates what is real and what is not, it is quite challenging to believe something and then prove its existence later. Science deals with proof first. It needs clear explanation for occurrences.

Yet it is on this same earth that spiritual knowledge has contradicted Science on some occasions. There are occurrences that have been termed as miracles, and science has no explanation for them. For this reason, those occurrences that are not proven are left to float on the air. But they poke holes into some of the scientific principles. Up to this time, science has not been able to explain the occurrences of near-death experiences. Yet those who experienced it, believe that their experiences were real. The only proof is that they can remember it and that they have faith that the experience occurred. Now, we all know that faith cannot be used as evidence to prove scientific theories.

Anyway, before I digress too much. I would like to talk more on realities. There are about 7 billion people on this earth. We all have different origins with different cultures and languages. Humans have common needs for them to survive physically on this planet. I am sure in these cultural differences there is always some influence from religion. So, in a sense every religion has some theory or belief on the beginning and more so the apocalypse. There is always something about us leaving this earth plane to go to a ‘better place’, this is for those who are deemed as good while those who are ‘bad’ will go somewhere else. This is mostly according to some religious beliefs.

Most people therefore have set their minds to these foretold end times and the changes therein. We look towards the future too much that we forget that these things are already happening among us. It is true that we do not know what time this apocalypse would happen. The reason, the apocalypse happens for each person. It is a separate experience and you do not see it coming until it happens for you. When it does you would not be able to explain it fully or properly to others. Each choice that we make ends up shaping our life. So, from then on you become aware of your choices.

It is through these day-to-day choices and consequences that you can know whether your reality is the same as another person’s reality. It is an issue of personal reality. We all go through a similar programming on this earth plane. It is engrained in the society that we live according to certain guiding principles. It is only when you begin to be aware of the choices that you make, that you realize that something has changed. That is, your personal reality. In a way, we can say that your world has changed. Which means, personally, you are operating on a different vibrational level from everybody else. This will be determined by your beliefs and understanding of life at large.

We live life unawares and take things for granted so much. I think the biggest loss is the use of titles that put us divided in different boxes. As soon as you realize something new, you want to form a group and isolate yourself from other people who do not do whatever you believe in. I still hold the view that it is better for one to understand themselves before they seek to be in a group. They should understand their new personal reality enough to realize that they still have to live with others who are not of the same reality.

We all have our different beliefs on what the creator is, the existence of the spiritual realm or heaven, the foods that we consume, the practices that are helpful to us and much more. It is quite simple, but we complicate things so much that we do not see that we are already in different realities. We would easily know just by observing our different belief systems. Each person has the right to subscribe to a belief system of choice and from there they can know whether it serves them or not.

Your understanding of life will always tell you what part of spiritual evolution you are in. well, there are those who have not tapped out of physical evolution. For the latter, their reality is different and will only change once they accept or accommodate the experience or existence of spiritual evolution. Becoming aware that you are in a different reality is not the end of the journey, the real journey is knowing how to leave comfortably with those of different realities.

I know sometimes we all feel like pulling others into our reality. I used to feel this way too. Whenever I experienced something and thought that it was good for me, I would always try to pull my friends along. It took me a while to realize that I had to respect their free will and let them be until the point that things would naturally change for them. Up to this time I cannot point to any specific time that my reality changed. It was slow. But I kept dropping some of the old patterns that were deeply programmed in me. I found myself disagreeing with most of the teachings that I knew. With time, I knew that my reality would never go back to what it was before.

There was no amount of influence that would make me go back to my old self. Unlike the old reality that had so many promises and expectations, this new reality has uncertainties. You keep learning along the way. Unlearning old things and learning new things. This is exactly what change does to someone. For you to learn or get new things, you have to let go of the old.

So, now I am in the same society, with the same culture and belief systems. The only thing that has changed is my awareness of the power of my choice, and freedom to believe in whatever resonates with me. I still have some of my old friends. There are most things that we do not agree on, and for these, I choose not to participate in. This is a choice for me to be at peace with myself and for them to be at peace with their choice. I know it is better than being with them at things that do not resonate and then having to judge them for it.

Nobody will come and give you a list of things to choose from. You will have to observe and make your choice. Besides if you let someone make choices on your behalf, then it would mean that you are not free to choose at all. That is quite dangerous because it would mean that you are under the control of other people. Pull your eyes out of that future that people keep waiting for and instead keep them on this moment. In this moment you can see everything that you need to see. You can even change the future from here. All the resources that you could ever need are here now. I have talked about dimension without mentioning it a lot. It is for you to discern, utilize this gift. You already have it. Choose your reality.

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