Why Do We Keep Seeking More and More?

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Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

I have asked myself this question for a while now. Just how much do you think you can own? I have a theory; the more things you own, the more attached you become to them and the more they hold control of you.

I see most people always looking for what more new things they can add to their list of possessions. Some of them do not utilize even half of what they possess, but they are never willing to give any one of it or share it with others. They have grown so attached and protective of what they think is theirs.

Do all the things that you acquire mean anything to you? Do you think it serves you? Most of us do not seem to get satisfied. They always feel like they need to get more and more, so they keep searching for more things to own. The more they do it, the more they lose control.

Those who have no sense of satisfaction have some imbalance, even to their chakras. This could be associated with the sacral chakra, although it could be tied to all the other chakras. There could be a challenge here for one, in understanding life and themselves at large.

I see some people who keep acquiring material wealth worrying about providing for their children, and the children of their children. There is a sense of fear. They think that something could happen to them, and bar them from providing for their loved ones. So, they go on acquiring more and more.

People go out acquiring more because they think that they are saving for a rainy day. This is a lack of trust that tomorrow will always take care of itself. How much do you want to own? You seek so much that you forget to enjoy this life. You forget to enjoy the things that you already have. Do you even get to enjoy the things that you acquire?

This can be likened to one who is not able to buy so much food at once. When they get the chance, they buy so much food that they cannot consume. Eventually, most of the food ends up going bad. When you acquire too much, you never seem to be settled. You are always worrying whether your possessions are safe. You want to be so many times at once and you begin to feel that you cannot trust people to manage your possessions as you would.

Do you feel that you will ever get satisfied? Loss to you will be such a big deal. All you will see is the effort it took to acquire your possessions. People have more clothes than they need in their closets, more shoes than they need, and at the same time, it is challenging for them to give away whatever they no longer use.

Do you ever have a relationship with whatever you own? You may be acquiring so much because you feel that you are missing something in your life. For this case, I do not think that the solution lies in the acquisition of more things. Own as much as you are willing to let go when the time comes. Change comes and affects everything. How will you treat yourself when you lose your possessions? Let your heart guide you.

Many times, when I have less money than I usually have, I feel like I can easily lend out the little that I have. I always seem to have faith that more money will come, and it sure does, because I believe that money is energy and exchanges hands as it moves about. I feel quite the opposite when I have more money. If I lend some of it, I always seem to be worried about the depreciating numbers and how fast they are depreciating.

I seem to be more appreciative if I have just enough as opposed to when I have more than enough. Does this resonate with anyone else? has anyone experienced that when you share the little that you have, you get satisfied as if you have had too much. Suddenly the ‘little things’ just seem enough!

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