man standing on elevated surface

You Are Life, Feel It.

man standing on elevated surface
Photo by John Jagtenberg from Pexels

If you walk out in nature, you will see butterflies just flying about. They do it with such ease, it seems effortless. They seem to be free to do as they please. Birds seem to be chirping always and I take it that they are always in a good mood. They seem to have the freedom to perch on any tree without any restriction. With birds there is no such thing as noise, of course, they do not have written guides on noise management, or making environment-friendly noise. Their noise is already environment-friendly. The moment you see a bird, you know what it is. You can tell by their physical characters.

Who has seen water, and failed to recognize it? The moment you touch it, you know what it is, or you could hear the sound it makes as it flows. Nature seems to be at peace with the position it plays in this creation. It does not need to prove to you what it is. For us humans, we seem to be unsettled. It is like we do not know what our role is. It seems that we are trying to find ourselves. Either that, or we have forgotten who we are, and are on a journey to remember, or recollect ourselves.

We have forgotten so much so that we create rules to guide us. We do not seem to follow natural laws. We have gone ahead to write our own laws, and thrown the natural laws behind us. But even with the laws that we assume should guide us, we still seem to be so confused. Is life complicated, or we are the ones who make it complicated? I think in creating our own rules, we end up creating opportunities for struggling. We struggle because we go against natural laws.

The laws we make and follow, seem to have us duped into believing that we are superior to other creation. Is this why we want to think of ourselves as advanced? By this view, then he who stands on the tower of glass will be seen as more advanced, or developed, compared to the one standing on the ground level. Those who spend more time working and living with machinery, are adored, and almost worshipped. When they pass away, the whole world could come to a standstill. Those who live closer to nature, on the other hand, are associated with the weirdest of characters. They are thought of as being backward, and resistant to change. Obviously, they cannot be viewed to be smart.

We, humans, feel good when we stand in front of large crowds, to introduce ourselves and announce our achievements out loud. Don’t we ever get tired? The wind blows across your face without any formal introduction, or announcement, and you know it is there, even if you do not see it. We, on the other hand, do not understand that we can just be. We already are. We are busy competing with ourselves trying to prove, and show our might. We think that this is the only way that we make ourselves known, the only way to stamp our authority. You want your presence to be felt by all that has life, all that is life.

So, you walk on the streets preaching to everyone, hoping that they see you, and hear of all your great achievements. This, to me, seems frustrating. Life already knows that it is. I get tired of introducing myself as a vegan whenever I am at the table with friends. I am already tired of calling myself a spiritual person. I know that I am life. Is it not enough knowledge to believe in? What more proof do you need, in your own capacity, or circumstance? I keep wondering why we all do not just settle down to this. With only this knowledge, then there would be nothing more to know or seek.

When, or if you know that you are life, then you would not struggle to explain whatever you are doing to others. You would live effortlessly, and just experience other life. How simple, or complicated is it, to let go and just flow. Can you look at everything in your vicinity and know, and feel, that it is all just part of you, and you are part of it? Everything is here for you. But we are always looking for a good life, we believe that there is life better than the one we have before our very eyes. But when you assumingly get to that good life, you will still experience it the same way you did the one that you thought was not good.

Stop! Look at life, and ask yourself what you think is missing. Do you think you would need to introduce yourself to the trees, or the water? Yet nature responds to your needs, and gives you warmth, gives you medicine, gives you food. You are life itself! Once you remember this, you will know that you have all that you have been looking for outside this life. All is in this life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all dropped the titles that put us in small boxes? It would be nice If you were not thought of, or treated as if you were in a cult, just because you have opened yourself to life, and gained a bigger understanding, just because you started talking about knowledge that people fear, the knowledge that most do not want to hear, or listen to. Can you live life without worry, with the assurance that you are taken care of, and provided for?

Be free, spread your etheric wings and fly. Everything is possible, those that are thought of as fantasies all lie within possibilities. Dear one, it is all here for you. Look at the stars and know that they also adore you, they are enjoying the same energetic dance that you seem to be awed about. How interesting it is this thing called life! And yes, you are it! Namaste.

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