Is it just new or you do not like it?

Most of us get attached to things so much that it becomes very difficult to let go. There are things and people that we hold so dear that when it comes to letting new things into our life it becomes more like a fight within ourselves.

It is not always easy for one to let a new person into their lives, especially if they are fond of hanging out or spending time with someone else. Sometimes we turn people away before we even get to know them deeply. Instead of letting the understanding and the bond to grow, you decide instantly that you do not like them. Why is this the case? Does this new person come with new characters, those that you have not experienced before?

The body is quite intelligent and that is why it remembers the taste of foods and drinks. That is how you categorize or differentiate foods by tasting. So, most of us have become used to eating certain types of food such that when they are introduced to a new diet, they immediately decide that they do not like the taste. I know most people who have tried to take their tea without sugar. The moment the tea is in their mouth, there facial expression will change, and they will ask you what is wrong with their tea. Of course, they will say that they do not like the taste.

Do we fear accommodating new things that much? Do we fear change that much? Yes, some people always suspect new things in their life. It is hard for them to accept the new things and accommodate or transform in line with the new factors. You always worry too much what these new things might come with, and because you are not sure, it easier for you to say that you do not like them. Be careful what you turn down. I have seen most people turn down opportunities for change only to remain in their circumstances. For the mere reason that it is unfamiliar.

We have put a barricade around us with this statement, ‘I do not like it’. People want to stick to the norm so much that they do not want to risk finding out what the new opportunities bring with them. You have been used to strangers treating you a certain way, so when you finally meet one who is kind to you, you keep off as much as possible. There are those who would not trust the new relations because they may be getting more, being treated better than they are used to. They in turn begin to suspect the new relations. With the thought that it could be too good to be true. Some people think that good things come with hidden intentions. For this case I think ‘good’ is relative.

How long do you have to wait until you adapt to the new thing? This will totally depend on you. How long will it take you to let go of the doubt and fear for the new thing? How long will it take you to open to the possibility of new things in your life? Do not always rush to brush things off and throw them in the bucket of things that you do not like. Take your time to decide. I have seen people give up so easily and so quickly on new experiences.

Do you already have an expectation of what life should be? Have you closed your mind to only a few things or people that you think are ‘good’ for you? I am encouraging you to let down your guard. I know it is not easy, but it easy possible. We form a sense of security in the things that are familiar to us, that is why we act swiftly to deny opportunity from ‘new’ things.

Allow yourself to experience the wealth and abundance of life, is this not what you are here for, to experience? I know enjoyment is relative together with other things but remember that you are the one who shapes your life. There are those things that we trust just because other people have said that they are safe, or maybe because they are tried and tested. Well, if we build doubt and fear on the new things, then what do we make of life? It is supposed to be an adventure. I am assuming that in an adventure you do not get to plan for everything. I mean, you must leave room for uncertainties. The next time you are faced with something new, give yourself enough time. Perhaps you could experiment with it. Have you had new thoughts flashing across your mind lately, but because you are not used to them, you tell yourself, ‘This is not me’, I cannot be having such thoughts?

What I believe is, if something keeps appearing to you, whether it is with the people that you interact with, the article that you read, thoughts in your head, suggestions from strangers, anything, you should consider giving it more thought. Do not be so attached to anything or anybody, I think this should be a guiding principle in life. New opportunities that could be blessings in disguise come our way, but we are never willing to let go of the old and accommodate the new. Why? We are afraid of the new ways. We think that there is no sense of security in new ways as opposed to the old familiar ways.

Others will even decide that they do not like something just because their friends have said the same thing. This is obviously peer pressure. People do not utilize their own free will and instead depend on the judgement of other people. Make use of your sovereignty and make a conscious choice, every choice that you make affects your life to the most granular level. Are you willing to suffer the consequences for the decisions that were made for you by others?

Do not follow what the crowd follows just because they are the majority. Or maybe think of it this way, do not turn away something just because the majority think that it is not good for them. Just because someone has said that it does not work for them, it does not necessarily mean that it will be the same case for you. Dear one, be open to new possibilities and opportunities. Be open minded. Be ready to try out new things just before you make that decision. How will you know if you do not try anyway?

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