Freedom of Choice.

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Most of us, if we do not own a radio, we own a television, or maybe we have used either of the two at one point, or another in our life. We are aware that there are many channels available on television, at one given time. You cannot watch all of them at once though. You can only be aware of what is going on in one channel, that which you tune into. This is the same for the radio stations. You will only tune into the station, and channel of choice.

If you switch from one station, or channel to the next, however, you will realize that the programs will be on, whether you stick to that channel or not. There is always something for everyone. The choice is for the listener to make. People have made certain stations, or channels to be their favorite, which means that they resonate with whatever is being aired on those stations, or channels.

Many stations and channels have disclaimers for content that is either allowed, or disallowed, for those below a particular age. They always recommend the presence of adults, to advise on whether their children can watch the program or not. So, the adults take responsibility on behalf of their children, for whatever they watch or listen to. In the same way, your freedom of choice can always be influenced by those who think, or assume that they have your best interest at heart.

It is said that choices have consequences, which could be either negative or positive, depending on the choice that is made. We all have the freedom of choice. With freedom, you either get to make a choice, or not make a choice. Inaction is also a choice on its own, and has its consequences as well. In most nations, a sixteen-year-old is believed to have the right to make their own decisions. Meaning that the decisions that they make could lead to consequences, that they can then be judged by.

When you are faced with a circumstance where you have to make a decision, what do you think influences your decision? Do you make your decision devoid of any influences? If you think your decision is influenced, what are some of the things that influence your freedom? In this sense, are you free at all to make your choice?

By the age of 18, although you are given the right to make your own decisions, you are also made aware that your decisions could affect other people. This ensures that you are conscious of the decisions you make. We have made so many laws, and even rights and freedoms are in the constitution, but all these put the blinders on the fact that we only have one law as the mother to all. This is the freedom of choice. If you are not aware of this freedom, then you will start fighting for it, yet it is just in front of you. You may have been blinded by the so many laws that have been broken down into smaller portions, so much so that if you step on someone, they might as well sue you.

You are always afraid of whatever law you could break while making a choice. If we stopped and considered the freedom of choice, then we would not be so confused as we are. You already have the freedom to make a choice or otherwise. If you make a choice, it is always going to have consequences, which are not necessarily the punishment. When making a choice, make it wholeheartedly, knowing that it is good for you. Also, know that it may not necessarily be right for other people. Just do it for yourself, as you are first responsible for yourself.

If a choice has a negative consequence on you, then what are the chances that it has the same consequences on other people? This freedom is given to us by the creator. Dear reader, the creator is not going to judge you for how you use this freedom. It is just the consequences that will follow up to the decision that you make. There is always so much that we interact with, in the day-to-day activities that require us to make a choice. We sure make the choices, but are never just aware. You will only become aware of the choice you made after the consequences start playing out. If they are negative, then you will begin to regret, and even judge yourself. Or you could start blaming someone for the choice that they made. You will then begin to suffer, worrying about what you cannot change.

Be aware of the choice you are making, so that the next time you are faced with the same circumstance, you may know the most appropriate choice, or decision to make. Being in an observing position, you can make the choice to pull out of the situation, and view it from a different, or higher perspective. This could be a choice or decision to not engage. If one were to engage you in a quarrel, and you chose to either take part in it or not, in the end, you would know the consequences of your choice. The next time that the same situation occurs, you will know which decision would be more appropriate.

By becoming aware of choice, we know that we are not victims of circumstance anymore. We are aware that we have the power to participate in the situation or not. We overlook the power of choice that we have, yet it shapes our entire life. You make small choices that eventually influence the major choices in your life. You can always track the choice you made by viewing the consequences.

If you make a choice to take a glass of water every day for one month, at the end of that period, you will see the consequences, and know whether you are supposed to change anything, or not. If you choose to engage in a fight every day for one week, at the end of this period, you will know whether you need to change, or not. You are responsible for the choices that you make.

In a world where there are so many belief systems, you also have the choice to believe in something. Will you believe in what you have chosen, or what others have chosen for you? Will you choose to be happy and follow your passion, or will you let go of what you love, to follow the dreams of others? Consequences will always be as guidance or lessons. Each choice that you make is a lesson. If you are observant enough, you will see certain scenarios and patterns repeating. You can then see opportunities for change appearing. That is if you do not see the consequences as punishment for the choice that you made.

Fear has been attached to some of the choices that we make. Especially if they are not familiar with those that are close to you. Because you also care for these people, your ability to make the choice will be influenced. I guess the biggest choice that one can ever make is to believe in themselves. Fear is just smoke, believe in yourself, and make your choice. By now you already know, the creator loves you, regardless of the choices you make.

The choice I make will first have an impact on me before it does on someone else. I trust and love myself through any choice that I make. Each is a lesson that provides an opportunity for change.

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