Celebrate Your Uniqueness.

greyscale photo of boy
Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

The average human being has two eyes, two legs, two ears, and many other things. We have the same color of blood. We all agree on the things that are common for all humankind. The issue comes when we start viewing the uniqueness in each individual. We can all run but others can run faster, we can all draw, but we do not all draw the same things at the same speed, with the same accuracy. There are artists of various kinds. We have farmers growing different varieties of plants. We have engineers in different engineering fields. We are all gifted differently!

In most platforms though, our diversity is rarely considered, and we end up being compared under one scale of measurement. We get lost in this scale, until we forget that there is beauty in diversity. Have you ever thought about what it would be like, if we all looked alike? If we all did the same thing. Would we really enjoy the experience? If we were all gifted at one thing, would we help if someone had a challenge that was assumingly beyond our ability? If we were all gifted in the same things, would we see the need to live together? I doubt if a need would arise for one to see the importance of the other.

As it is, we are gifted differently. Ideally, this should be a good thing, but we rarely see it that way.  Whenever we see other people prospering, we look down on ourselves. We can even go as far as assuming that they have incorporated some hideous means to acquire their talents, or gifts. Society has normalized comparison of performance. In schools, pupils and students are always working hard to outdo each other. At the workplace, employees are working hard to become the best. In society, people are always comparing themselves to see who has the best things in life.

The system makes It look like we are all gifted the same, so that we begin to compare ourselves with others. Comparison causes suffering, for those who try so hard to compete with those who are gifted in different areas, or faculties. Is there a way that the engineer can compete with the doctor? Both are important, and needed in their relevant fields. Can the writer compare themselves with the musician? I do not think so. While they are unique, they all can express themselves through their talents, and skills in their relevant fields or platforms.

Some of us are lost in the confusion that comparison brings with it. You compare yourself with others, so much that you forget that you are gifted at something totally different. The sight of others prospering should be motivation, and encouragement enough to me, that I can also prosper at my thing, whatever it is. It is an investment of energy and intention. Investing, or concentrating on another person’s prosperity does not bring me my prosperity. That energy is misdirected. This is what we call jealousy but is just fear hiding under that name.

Each one of us knows what we are good at, but the only thing that separates us is willpower. Some of us begin to invest early while others take much longer. It could be that others got the support that they needed, while others did not have it easy. If you are working hard to create wealth, and at the same time getting mad over those who have inherited wealth, does this help the achievement of your purpose in any way?

The gifts that we all have are unique for a reason. We all have a different purpose in life. What is the relationship between you and your gift? Do you give yourself an easy time while investing in your gift? I hope you do not give yourself a hard time, just because you are comparing yourself with someone else. What is driving you to compare? Is it your age difference, maybe you see someone who is younger than you performing better than you are? Stop all this noise and know that you are only responsible for your life. Worrying about other people’s life, does not draw you closer to your goals. It will only bring you suffering.

What you need to do instead, is work on your gift, or talent, or job. Whatever it is, if you put the right intention, you will get where you are meant to get. If the intention is set, you will meet the goals that you set for yourself. Fear is an obstacle that holds us back most of the time. You want to work on something, but you begin to question whether people will accept it. You begin to compare the reception of your work, vis a vis what is already in the market, or in the public domain.

Dear reader the energy that you carry is unique, and it is you alone that can carry that knowledge and skill. Each one of us has a purpose to achieve, and it is the reason you are alive, to achieve your life purpose! So, quit wasting time comparing yourself with others who are busy achieving their life purpose. You will be consumed with jealousy and rage, which are negative energies that bring nothing but suffering for you. Remember that energy flows where attention goes. If you put attention on your own thing, then it is going to give something in return.

Do not be afraid, do not be worried. Why do we always worry too much about the returns? As soon as you invest in something, you start worrying about when the results will show. We fail to see that just by starting the action, then we have placed a winning move right there. The only thing that remains is to focus more on the task, and give all we can to that course. While you are doing your thing, you will always come across others who have succeeded in their path. Take this as a gesture from the Universe that you are on the right track.

In you is a spark that is a signature of your uniqueness from the other self. Give yourself a break, and love yourself through the things that you delve into. Give yourself time to grow at whatever practice, or work that you are engaged in. Be your first fan, and supporter of your work. This way, external gratification will come second. You will believe in yourself, and in your work, before others get to see it, and before you compare it to other people’s work. Remember, you are your harshest judge! Be easy on yourself. Namaste.

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