Communications From Within, Take 2.

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Image by geralt from Pixabay

There is a feeling of worry, and doubt that comes with having your eyes closed. There is a feeling of doubt when engaging in new experiences. You only allow yourself to close your eyes when you are going to bed, and for the short time that you get to pray, for those who do. For most of us, closing our eyes to sleep, comes with nightmares, so we would not want to sleep alone. Some of us cannot even have our eyes closed for the whole period of a five-minute prayer.

You always want to know what the other people are doing. Obviously, you lose concentration when you have your eyes open during prayer. Closing your eyes helps to focus on prayer, and meditate though. It is easier to visualize with your eyes closed. If I said that, if you closed your eyes, and opened your palms, you would feel, and see energy with your third eye. Would you believe me? The more you observe this ritual, the more you are going to experience.

How long are you willing to have your eyes closed? It would not matter whether you are sitting, or standing. Sometimes, even making your back to be straight brings in a change in energy, or feeling. With your eyes closed, you could experience some dancing light, or energy through your third eye. If you are in a dark room, it would be as if the lights were flashing on, and off.

When I was starting out on mediation, I would always switch off the lights whenever I went into a session. I had this belief that I could not meditate successfully with the lights on. I started noticing changes in energy when I felt the lights flickering. From then on, I started meditating with the lights on. This, of course, made my third eye react to the bright light, but I got used to it with time.

My daily gratitude routine includes having my eyes closed, and my palms open. The gesture of the open palms is to show that I am ready to receive. This has stuck so much so that whenever I have my palms open while walking, I remain grounded to the moment. It is like my concentration is tied to gratitude.

When the eyes are open you are subject to seeing so much, and the brain will always try to interpret, and make the connections of the view that you have. As a result, your thoughts will jump from one thing to the other.  The only remedy for this is to close your eyes, but even this does not stop the thoughts from flowing. You cannot fight them. But at least with your eyes closed, you can concentrate on something for much longer. You can hold on to some visual images.

People assume that to clear your mind, you need to find the most isolated place, and sit alone for a long period of time. This is not always correct. Although it has its advantages. But also, closing your eyes and breathing for as little as five minutes, has some advantages. Whenever things seem to fall apart, you could always connect to yourself, connect to your angels, connect to source, connect to life. Just close your eyes and breathe.

The result is that one is left feeling rejuvenated. I keep telling my friends that, they do not need to be taking energy drinks whenever they feel drained. A few minutes of having your eyes closed, and observing your breath is enough to get powered up. But first, you need to trust yourself. You have to trust that you are safe in the darkness that your eyes cannot see through.

Close your eyes, and let your heart guide you. The third eye will confirm to you when there is a change in energy. You will even feel the change on your palms. You may feel your palms getting warm, or a tingly sensation on your fingertips. This description is not accurate, but it is the closest, when trying to define this change in energy. Only the experiencer of the experience will know how it feels, I believe it will be unique for everyone.

First, you need to trust the darkness. You have your eyes closed, and anything could be going on around you right? Concentrate on what you feel, other than where your thoughts are tuning to. The more you concentrate on the feeling, the more your thoughts will get tired, and fade away. You will feel yourself being carried away by this energy, up to the point that you will let yourself just be.

It all starts with a few minutes of getting to close your eyes, a few minutes of gratitude. Since this is a ritual too, you have to pay attention, and be aware of every step, and every change that comes with each step. I think this is the only way you are going to see that it is working. By being aware of the changes that occur. From one session to the next.

If you hang on long enough, you will begin to see light piercing through that darkness. You will then begin to feel comfortable, and be safe with your eyes closed. You will seem to dance with the energy. Well, there could be so much that I cannot put into words. It is hard to find the right words to describe it all. Where is that child in you? The one who never feared darkness. The one who could go and hide in the darkest corner, and still come out laughing.

Let go of the fear that you have put around the darkness. You are light, and there are beautiful things happening in light. But if fear holds you back, all these will continue to sound like magic. Or you will caution your children against it, and as a result, continue to spread the fear of it. True love, and beauty, is realized when one puts down all the covers, lets the light in, and trusts themselves.

Do not be afraid to close your eyes. If you still find yourself afraid, pinpoint the issues, and begin to work on them one by one. There is so much to be experienced, outside of the noise called, the illusion. Do not be afraid of that which you do not see just yet. Take up all the courage, and set your foot into the unknown. “Courage is what you were born with. Fear is what you learned along the way”. Shake it (fear) off.

Close your eyes and begin to see, and feel communication from you. Communication from Source. Slowly, they will become clearer. This energy that is talked about often is communication. Soon you will learn to interpret it. Just trust, again, close your eyes, and breathe. Namaste.

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