boy singing on microphone

Communications From Within, Take 1.

boy singing on microphone
Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

If I told you that your body talks to you, to tell you when you should eat, how much food you should eat, and what type of food you should eat, would you believe me? Your body tells you when you need to rest the most. Even when you need to take water.  But you are not always alert for these communications. Especially on the issue of the amount of food. Sometimes the food is just so delicious that you overindulge in the consumption.

Sometimes you do not get enough sleep. You pretend to be too busy, finishing up on some tasks. You know that you should close the computer, and postpone the task to the next day, but you fight it. Sometimes the eyes want to close by themselves, they try to tell you that you are exhausted, but you ignore that too, prepare some coffee and push on to burn the midnight oil.

Sometimes your body shows you that you need to take more care of your skin, your skin is dry. Most probably it is because you have not been moisturizing. How do you think this conversation happens? Between you and the body? Have you ever walked in the middle of the market, and you got a thought to buy something? The choice to stop, and buy that thing then remains up to you.

Have you ever held a cup of tea in your hands, and you felt that it was good for you? Have you held a glass of alcohol in your hands, and you felt that it was not so good for you, for your health? Those feelings and thoughts are from your body, you need to listen to them. People talk of having the gut feeling. Do you ever wonder why it is called like that? Food goes through your gut, and stays there for quite some time.

If you take that into consideration, don’t you think that the body would know the best food for you to take? If your body can tell you that the temperature outside is cold, and that you should put on a sweater. You usually respond to this communication by grabbing your sweater, right? Why then is it difficult to listen to the body, when it tells you that certain foods are not good for you? Most times you have a stomach upset, you can always guess that the type of food you ate could be the cause of the problem, or maybe you ate more than enough.

The body is intelligent. That is why, when you take food, and you react to it, you will always avoid it. If you are taking alcohol, you always know the feeling that will come with it later, even if you suppress this thought. Such messages are taken for granted, as helpful and important as they are.

If I told you that there are angels by your side always, would you believe me? If I said that they communicate with you all the time, would you believe me? They listen to your words and thoughts. They even listen to your prayers. They are always there. But because of free will, they will not intervene unless you call on them to come in. This is the call that they are waiting for. From the time we were young, we were always told that we all have guardian angels by our side, and that they are always there to protect us. For most people, by now, this sounds like a fairy tale, but even fairy tales are real.

They will ask why they do not feel like they are protected. Well, how many of you still believe in these guardian angels? The things that we believed in when we were young, drastically changed once we faced challenges that drove us into fear, and the world told us that we were supposed to be strong, and help ourselves. We had to fight because no one was going to fight for us. ‘It is a man-eat-man society’. Some will tell you. Would you rather believe in the angles that you do not see, or in what you can see right here and now?

Why is it easier for children to believe what they are told? Fairy tales, dragons, angels, and unicorns? Perhaps you should think about that. Can you remind yourself how it was to be a child? You were free to think that you could become anything. You did not have any worry, because you felt protected. So, physical survival messed you a little, and you folded your tail behind your legs like a dog does when it is scared. Yes, we grew scared over time. We are more frightened by what we do not see, rather than that which we see. We are even scared of the angels that are here for our highest good. A friend is thought to be a fore, just because there is a misunderstanding.

Be like a child, and try to imagine again what your angles could look like. Talk to them, and ask for help from them. They are here for you, to help you through those challenging, and tough times. They are listening, and waiting for your call. Never doubt that your prayer request has been received, whether it was through thought, or words.

I have already mentioned fairy tales, the fairies and unicorns, and dragons that seem so out of this world. It is true that they are out of this world, because it is not easy to point out to them. The idea that fairies and unicorns are playful, is held by most people, and such is what is portrayed to children. Is anybody willing to see that if they become like a child and believe in these things, then they might get to experience them? Maybe your energy would be more cheerful than it is now. Being like a child would allow you to let go of worries, and as a result experience so much. To a child, there are just so many possibilities, and such is the spontaneity that we have lost.

We hide in the ‘safety’ of so many rules. You get to a point that all you ever think about is the time you have left until you die. Loosen a bit and remember that, that child is still in you. You can still access that child-like energy, and be open to the many possibilities of this experience. Be open to communication, from them, you will experience the most wonderful things you have ever imagined. Namaste.

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