The Tongue Is The Wand, and The Words, The Spell.

sisters secret whisper
Image from Sofia Shultz from Pixabay

As speech development varies from one child to another, it is held widely that by twelve months, a baby’s first syllables appear. At three to five years, then the conversations get longer. At this age, kids have a wider vocabulary, and can understand most words, and their meanings. I am sure by this time, the words that are mostly spoken are those that are picked from the close contact, or those that the kid has been close with, in society.

At five years, kids are aware of most things that are termed as bad, or good, by society. The system is always programmed that way. If the teaching is not inducted by their parents, then the teachers will do most of it. There are common terms that are used more often such as, ‘bad manners’, or ‘good manners.’ Children always believe whatever they are told by adults. So, the words begin to create an impact, and since they have a good memory, they will always remember what you tell them.

Bad and good, are things that society has already defined. So, if one were told that they are bad, they would immediately know what they were being associated with. Of course, this will be in terms of vices. To be good, on the other hand, is associated with virtues. Now that the words have been attached to various meanings, it is important to consider whatever we say to other people. It is often said that words can either build, or destroy.

We have however grown to take words for granted, and use them in conversations just to make a point. We are never really aware of the depth of these words that we use every day. I always believe that the tongue is the wand, and the words, the spell. It is so easy to utter words with far-reaching consequences. Words are powerful enough to destroy relationships, with oneself and other self.

People tend to be so hard on themselves, whenever they feel that they have failed to achieve a particular goal. They are more likely to use negative words on themselves. They may not realize it, but, they are cursing themselves. The words are causing a very huge impact on them. It will then depend on them to undo the curses, or the spells that they have put on themselves.

Every day, you engage in conversations, and you end up telling someone something, or somebody tells you something, it may be negative, or positive, but we rarely consider the power of such words.

Once the words are spoken, they are brought to life. It is like breathing life into them. The aim of this writing, is to drive your attention to the words that you utter every moment you engage in a conversation, whether you are talking to someone, or yourself. Most of us still hold on to memories of what we were told at a young age. If these memories were associated with negativity, then that is what we continue to hold on to.

I am sure most childhood traumas, are rooted in negative words that people were always associated with. They grew up holding on to those words, and manifested the negativity in their life. Yes, words manifest, and they depend on negativity, or positivity. Whatever you keep calling upon, materializes. I would like us to be aware, from the moment we think of something up, to the moment we speak it out loud. Think of the impact it has on you first, then the listener. What kind of words do you tell yourself?  You could literally heal, or curse yourself with your words. If words are that powerful, then just how powerful are you?

The tongue, being the wand, be aware of its power. What intention are you putting in your words? It is always easier for people to speak, but taking back their words takes time. Others are too proud to apologize, or see their mistakes. Treat yourself with respect and care, be easy on yourself. Watch what you say about others. I guess this is why gossiping is not encouraged in many cultures. Words, once spoken about someone, whether in their absence or presence, still have an impact on them.

We are usually thrilled by the act of the magician wielding their wand at their target, and casting a spell. We think they are so powerful, and talented. The same power is vested in us, ladies and gentlemen. We just use it unawares, and suffer the consequences. It is time you became aware of your power to create with words.

Do you want to build or destroy? Other scriptures say that creation came about by words, while others say that it came about first by thought. The main point to note is the power of both thoughts and words. Words are conceived in form of thought, because you can hear thoughts in your head, just before you utter them out loud. Dear one, be aware of your words. Choose wisely, now that you are conscious of your power to choose, and the power to create. Namaste.

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