How High is It

I am in the elevator with two other people. They are chatting about the floors that they work at. One of them, the lady, makes a joke. She says that her place of work is higher than her friend’s and that when God comes to take us then they would be taken first. As in, they would be priority. I got the joke, but it is something that could mean a lot if it were considered.

It got me thinking. People have a strong belief that the creator has a plan to come and take us from this physical plane. They are always assuming that the creator has a throne that is somewhere above the clouds. Isn’t it obvious now, that above the clouds, as far as science can tell us, is just space? Most times when we pray, if we are not closing our eyes then we will be looking up the clouds.

When people talk about heaven, they assume that it is above and not below. Only a few believe that heaven is in our hearts. Others believe that heaven is everywhere, only that we cannot point to it. How high can we go until we get to this heaven? Why would our creator put us on a lower level than he or she is?

Sometimes high and low are not to be taken literally. They could be meaning an emotional status. What I have also come to learn is that they could also be used in regard to the vibrational status that one could be projecting at different points in their life.

If one was to climb a mountain and get to view the surrounding from the top, they would feel some sense of power. I guess that is the same power that is associated with the creator. It is because we were taught that the creator watches us from above. It can see our every move and we cannot really hide from It. Well, how high can that be, above the clouds? Beyond space?

We have heard of those who talked to the creator, how did the communication happen? At what point did the meeting happen? What about us? Those of us who think that the creator has not, or cannot talk to us? We look down upon ourselves and think that we are not worthy. Some of us struggle to keep a righteous life but still wonder why the creator has not ‘called on them’.

Are there guides on how one can connect with the creator? Prayer seems to be the most common ritual that people use to communicate to the creator. When we go into prayer, some of us see the need to cry and talk loudly while others whisper a silent prayer. The creator, who is so high above, is still believed to hear or listen to these prayers. Does the volume of your voice matter when one is praying?

For those who subscribe to the analogy of vibration. They believe that the higher one vibrates, the closer they draw to the creator. What is vibration though? We have seen and felt some things vibrate, so is it the same form of vibration? We are told that everything has a vibrational frequency. It could be the same vibration that makes us aware of the difference between the physical and the spiritual realm.

The highness associated with the creator is one to do with the barrier or veil between the physical and the spiritual. I am sure we cannot point where the spiritual realm begins or where the physical realm assumingly ends. How do we tune our vibrational frequency so that we can connect with the creator more?

Can the food you eat connect you more with the creator? Can self-expression connect you more with the creator? Can self-love and compassion connect you with the creator? How about being in nature? All these things are here with us, the people that we interact with, the songs that we listen to, the conversations that we have. Does the creator not communicate with us through all these things that we interact with?

Wherever you are, you can receive communication from the creator. Of course, you do not need to pay anything to connect with the creator. Or maybe all you need to pay is attention. We are taught that the creator is everywhere, but we do not seem to be aware that everywhere includes this space that we live in. Everything and everyone that we interact with. Everything that you touch, the air that you breathe, the words that you speak, the clothes that you wear, the water that you drink or use to wash, the earth that you walk on. How close can it get really? The creator communicates to us through all these. It is all flashing before our eyes?

Physically speaking, the creator is already with us, we do not need change of altitude. But there are sacred grounds that have high vibrations, in the energetic sense. When one is in or around these sacred sites, then their vibration may match with these sites, and they may be in tune with the creator. Pay attention and listen. Open yourself to the communication that is always being sent from the creator. You are part of it, it should not be hard to connect.

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