Going Back to the Future, take 1

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

You most probably have come here wanting to see the future that I talk about. Maybe you have searched through all my posts but have not seen any post with such a title. Well to be honest, I have also thought of making such a post but at the same time I know that if I choose that title then I would have too much to write about. There is enough to say about ‘the future’ that could fill a book or books.

Every post that I make contains snippets of messages from ‘the future’. But what we consider to be the future varies depending on our beliefs and experiences. How may times have you had thoughts going through your head, but you fail to capture or record any of them. We are always thinking and with that a myriad of messages flow in and out and we are caught unawares.

I formed the habit to write ideas that flow through my head. Most of the time I am always laughing at myself or with myself for paying attention to some ideas that not most would pay attention to. I could hold on to a train of thought and record it before it disappears only to be replaced by other non-related thoughts.

I also happen to read books, a lot of them. I could read a sentence and get an idea being sparked. From this, I could sit down and write as much as will flow through my mind in relation to that idea or word. Information in books is usually connected from one book to another. Up until this moment, I still believe that there is no person who thinks independently devoid of interacting with other peoples’ thought.

Who can patent thought or an idea? We could all be thinking of the same thing at the same time. How could you then say that I have taken it from your thoughts. Creative thoughts, I believe, come from the Divine Mind. If you are connected to the Source, then you have access to these thoughts. So, I may be watching a movie and I see an idea that I had thought about, being acted upon. You may be listening to music, and you hear some lines or a whole verse that you have thought of before. Do you ever ask yourself why you did not write that down and sing it?

Why did you not write that idea down and develop it before it was developed? You had the idea alright. We are all potentiated to create. There are those who trust and take action on these ideas faster than others. Some of us think too much. You doubt yourself. You get a brilliant idea in your head but then you second guess, ask if you are worthy. You ask if you are even capable of achieving that idea.

There is always a message for you everywhere. Everybody is always creating or manifesting something. From it, you get to learn something. I pay more attention to these messages, whichever channel or medium they come from. I write them down. So firstly, they become my message, then I share them, and we all benefit from them.

I write thoughts and ideas down in their natural form and only get to edit them when I write a post. So writing is my form of expression. When I write I feel the life in these words. It is like I am speaking them and writing them at the same time and of course reading what I have written already.

Many times, I have gotten visions of me doing something that I love to do. It has been on the stage most of the time. I get on the stage and pass the message. When I am on the stage the most beautiful thing happens to me. As I speak the words, I feel the energy pass through me. I also feel the energy of the listener and as these two energies merge, I feel overwhelmed with the power.

These messages that I write here are not mine alone. They are for a higher purpose; they are to reach many people. Some messages have already been told and are but reminders. Reminders are what we are to each other anyway.

Not all that is said is new, but it meets new people. People who are just beginning to open up to this knowledge.  These messages here are not a type of discussion whether whatever was said earlier was true or not. The message will be taken differently by everyone. Nobody can take that away from you. You will always discern and interpret differently. You will then decide whether it is useful or not since we are all in different paths already.

Every culture has a believer, and we all choose whatever it is that we want to identify with. It has to resonate with you for you to accept it. Maybe thus far, I have lost may along the way. There is no straight way to this path. You may lose your way, and in losing you find something new altogether. Loss is interpreted differently. You will never understand how the other person processes that which is loss.

Will there ever be a time that the messages stop coming? The answer to this, you already know. They will keep coming because you will keep searching. If it is not on this platform then it will be somewhere else. You will always get what you are looking for and what you deserve.

I do not know if I have made the point clear. It is a hard job to convince someone that what you are doing will be helpful to them. They have to act on inspiration from within and try it for themselves. The game is in your hands, ladies and gentlemen. I will tune my instruments and pull the strings. Will you be listening? Or you will leave before the show is over? Maybe you prefer a different form of art. I will continue to do my part. The question is, what is your part in all these? Does the message resonate?

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