Are you living or dying?

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

We all want to have fun before death, the life snatcher that comes and takes the life from us. We are told to have as much fun so that we do not regret ever wasting our chances on our deathbed. Moreover, some people say that you should do crazy things since you do not know when you will die. As it is out there, death is the measure of how much time you must enjoy or just do those things that you want.

A timeline to some could be a motivating factor, but to those who would not want to be timed, in most cases they will be viewed as losers in this game of speed. Some people come and tell you to eat as much because you will not be able to eat while in the grave. So then, the focus is not on life, rather it is on death. But the question is, are you living or dying?

They say that, with the ticking of the clock, the closer we draw to the end of our life. It is also common to hear such phrases as, ‘from the moment that you are born, your countdown for leaving this earth plane begins’. For this reason, people are always running out, looking to get something, something else other than the life that they came here to experience in the first place.

Is this the extent of the forgetting or is it the effect of programming from a young age? Does worrying about tomorrow help you in any way to enjoy whatever you have now? I doubt it. In any case, you will keep thinking of what you do not have instead of focusing on what you have in front of your face.

So, while concentrating to run as far as we can possibly get, we forget why we are even running in the first place. The purpose is forgotten. You came here and found people running, so you joined the race. You did not know where they were going, maybe they just told you that there is a price at the end of the race. They seemed to be having fun, so you were convinced and therefore joined them.

How can one try to minimize the aspect of time in the realm of space/time? Where do we put our attention more? If it is not on the things that we can manage then we are not in touch with life. If one is not in touch with life, then they do not know their purpose. The thought or idea that we have limited time should be done away with. What is it that you can control or manage?

If we focus on the day-to-day processes that make up what life is, then we will enjoy the experience. If you came here (earth) and had to be taught everything, then how can you be worried about those things that you do not know? It may look like I am asking a lot of questions, but are they necessary? Thinking about death lowers the quality of your life.

Some people say that you should live every day as if it is your last. This means that you give your best shot at everything that you do. You dedicate your attention to the present moment. Of what value is worrying about the future?  I still do not know if thinking about death makes it easier. Yet death is not the enemy, and neither is time because none of these things work against us.

When we can finally see that all is in our favor, a catalyst that then takes us to a new platform, then we will see the beauty and connection all around us. Even death is a catalyst for something new to be born. I have faced someone who knew that the life in them was diminishing. I on the other hand kept convincing them that they would get better, but they knew more than I did.

When the time came, their eyes were as white as snow, as plain as they were, I could not find the right words to say. Goodbye seemed too long. Somehow, we both knew that we were having our last moments on this physical plane. I did not shade a tear on the burial day, but I think about them sometimes.

Somehow, I feel like we were never supposed to say goodbye because it was never the end really, rather a beginning for something new. This is not to be confused with denial, I am aware of their physical absence but not just convinced that they cease to exist in the spiritual space. It could be hard to convince anyone, but then again, it is not in my space to convince you. You, trust your discerning ability. We all believe what we believe.

So, believe. You are life itself. Relax in the moment, experience the challenges. Live, laugh, and love. Oh, feel free to scream and cry too. Let go when you feel like it. Get what you want. Be grateful and anticipate more because you deserve it all. Feel the whole experience. It is not weird, it is just what it is, life!

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