The Result or The process? Take 2

woman doing yoga
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

When you finally get done with the prayer, or meditation, or shower. Pay attention to the clothes that you are wearing. What do they remind you of? What made you to buy those specific clothes? How do they feel, warm? Fluffy? Light? Why did you choose to wear those specific clothes today? You may get a lot of information from your dressing. You will know whether you are comfortable in those clothes.

I know most people either carry their breakfast to wor,k or hurriedly finish it while standing to avoid getting late. This is also something that requires just about enough time. You should not be thinking of being late, while having breakfast, or any other meal, if you are, then it means that you woke up late, or breakfast time is not a priority for you. I think you should make it a priority. Food is as important as the work you are in a hurry to go to. Your body needs the energy, but be aware that the body feels how you handle this intake.

Sit down at the table and take notice of the food that is before you. Give thanks for that food before you start to dig in. With every sip or bite that you take, let your mind linger on that experience. Be aware of the food or drink in your mouth up until you swallow. One thing I have come to realize is that when you practice mindful eating, you are unlikely to overeat. Mindful eating will help you to register the taste of the food that you are eating, and you will be more appreciative of that food.

One thing that helps me through this process, is sitting down on the mat while eating. It makes me think that I have just enough time to eat. When I am done with the food, I find myself taking in a few deep breaths which keeps me in the moment even longer. There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. This routine has been engrained in me, so much so that if I seat down on the chair for a meal, I notice the great difference. I feel that the connection between me and the food is not complete.

While you are eating, you might just as well get the feeling of being rejuvenated in real-time. Wherever it is that you were seated to have the meal, do not rush to get up and leave. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the satisfaction that the food has brought to you. You probably are thinking that all this does not favor city life. Just remember that everything is possible. If you set your intention to it, then you will achieve it. This also depends on the amount of food, or foods that you have served for yourself.

When you have cleared the table, or the mat and cleaned the dishes, I know by now, most of us are in jogging mode, just waiting to rush to the door, and head for work, just be aware of whatever is outside, before you switch your mind to work mode. Smell the fresh air that comes into your nostrils, you might just take a deep breath while you are at it. Feel the morning breeze brush past your face. You may also take some time to look at the sun and the clouds.

I know some of us get to work before the sun rise,s and get out of work after sunset, so they do not get to see the sun. When you get the opportunity to set your eyes on the sun, just enjoy it for as long as you can. When you finally get to work, you are going to almost immediately forget the nice environment that you have left outside. You are going to be bombarded with a whole lot of tasks and deadlines, so that you will pay less attention even to the sound of your heartbeat. You only listen to it while you ate frightened right?

As much as you can, listen to your thoughts while you are dug into your task, and take notice of how you are feeling. You will know whether you enjoy the task or not, then you will know whether you desire change, or not. Some people stay at their workplace too long, before they realize that they do not like it there anymore. I think it is because when they go to work, they just want to get the tasks done, and do not care much for how they feel when they are doing it step by step.

Not many of us get the chance to enjoy the night sky. If the sky is not cloudy you might get to see some interesting star patterns, and even shooting stars. Observing the stars, could help to calm your mind after a busy day. When I look at the sky, I am always amazed at how much we do not know. To us, most things that we see in the night sky look like stars, but how can we be certain? We can only see so far. I am always reminded that, not everything is always as it appears.

Well, when I think I have had enough of the mystery, then I come back in the house and get ready to sleep. Before I sleep, I usually take a few minutes to ask myself what I thought of during the day. It is usually interesting to me that during this exercise I still find myself thinking of new ideas, I find myself adding more thought to something that had already occurred. I just lie in bed and observe all that for a while, this is usually funny to me. Thoughts are always flowing. Just how long can one hold on to one of them? I guess the closest answer to that question could be, long enough. This gives birth to a new question, ‘how long is long enough?’

Well, it is helpful to just check on yourself, and review how your day went. If you were observant of the details, then you might just get insight of what needs to change. If you feel that you are dragging to wake up and get ready for the day, then probably you do not like what you are doing (in relation to work). Stay present for all the rituals that you engage in, enjoy the experience. What more is there to it other than enjoying the experience? Namaste.

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