Keep your faith fed

What do you do to feed your faith? First, what are those things that you have faith in? Are those the things that you desire?

I know that you get visions or images of these things that you desire all the time. My friend, this is a reminder that all these could be delivered to you. All you have to do is keep faith alive, feed it. Now, how do you do this? Are you the one to pray every day, maybe give thanks? Are you the one to meditate and visualize yourself receiving these things that you desire? Are you the one to write it down in a vision board so that you keep seeing it every day?

Faith, my friend, keeps you connected to your desires and the more you feed it, the stronger the link becomes. Ultimately the barrier between you and your desire becomes thin. Here comes the challenges. You begin to ask how long it is going to take before you get what you desire. I think it is at this point that I introduce or reintroduce rather, the cliché, trust the plan and trust the process.

I think faith and trust are married together. Well, unless you decide to divorce them. Whatever keeps your dreams alive, keep doing it, with an open heart, an open mind and open palms ready to receive. Consistent action keeps faith a live. For the writer or the painter, every time they use their tools of trade, every time they connect with the tools, something new and better is always getting born.

Most of us have so much knowledge to share with others. You could put it out in drawing, in writing, in painting or in speech, whatever form of art really. All forms of art are forms of self-expression. We are always expressing ourselves in one way or the other, even in thought, I believe this is how great ideas are born. A thought or an idea is born in your mind, then it depends on you to believe in yourself, to trust and have courage that whatever the idea is, whatever the size of the idea, it has the potential to become bigger and better.

So many of us receive great ideas through thought, but we are always second guessing ourselves. You first think of how people are going to perceive you. You know, if you sit down and consider the message first, you may realize that it is first meant for you. When you believe and take it to be your message, then maybe you will see how it could help other people.

When you were a child, you had the courage to sing, the courage to draw and even paint. What happened between then and now? Have you been exposed to too much criticism that you look down upon yourself? You have left your faith unfed. You need to start believing in yourself again. The moment you start believing in yourself, then you will start trusting those constant messages that you have been ignoring. Thinking that they are not possible, or you are not worthy.

The biggest loss for most people is putting limits on messages or ideas before the idea can grow into its full potential. We have become so impatient too. Some people have given us the name, ’microwave generation’. This is to mean that we always want instant results in whatever we invest in. Now, if we bring in impatience and self-doubt then we have ‘lost the war before the fight even begun’.

To keep your faith fed, you need to be patient. Patience is also a virtue that few possess. It is something that one needs to work on, to grow and become better at it. It is a skill. There are those who prefer to pray to keep their faith fed. I think the only thing that would bring a challenge is continuously asking, other than practicing gratitude for this thing that you are waiting for to materialize.

Do not let doubt overwhelm you, trust that whatever you desire will come at the right time, and when you are ready for it. There is much talk about knocking on the door already, and there are many assumptions formed about this. I will only say that your door will open when you are ready. Ofcourse, the question that follows will be, ‘what do you do while you are waiting’. I do not know of many people that can live as if they already have received whatever they desire to receive. It is usually challenging.

My friend, it is you that creates a conducive environment for the materialization of this thing that you desire. Stay present and enjoy life. I know enjoyment is relative, but it is better that way. We cannot all agree what it means. So, define it your way and do it anyway. Continue practicing or doing what you are good at. It is through your acts that you will create. Keep a positive attitude always and believe that all is always working for you. Trust the process.

I like to say sometimes, that faith is the other name of intention. They kind of work the same way to me. I mean, if you put your intention consistently on your desire, you manifest it. So, what intention are you putting on your desire? You know as much as I do that you cannot be smiling and be sad at the same time. You have to believe and act in line with what you believe in. We are always setting intentions every minute, are you aware of what is going on? Are you aware of what you are thinking? Thoughts could derail you from your goalposts, they have a great influence on our feelings.

I think staying present helps a whole lot. While I look for the most appropriate words to end this, what comes close is, ‘Keep on keeping on’. You decide if it makes sense. Keep feeding your faith.

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