Doing everything is as difficult as doing nothing.

Some people claim that when they are busy, time seems to pass so fast, but when not occupied, time moves so slowly. Others say that one will experience the elapsing of time depending on whether they like the task they are doing or not.

Naturally, our mind is always thinking of the next task to do just like thoughts are always happening, not unless we are sleeping. We have all been brought up in cultures that have a clear definition of laziness and all its consequences. They also teach us only to rest when work is done. ‘God rested on the seventh day’, some will tell you. Others say that laziness is a killer disease. Usually when one has completed their academic journey, the task of chasing for success begins as one must be seen to be doing something. Otherwise, they would be setting a bad example for those who look up to them. There is always a frustration with always doing something though. People never stop to observe. We are just stuck on following the processes until the tasks are done.

Action seems to drive everything in our lives. We must work to get paid. We must exercise to stay fit. We must watch or read the NEWS to be updated and catch up with current affairs. We must reach out to our friends and family to show that we love them. We must look out for our children so that they have a good life and perhaps a better future.

At any given time, we are always in action. It never really stops. Even when you take a break just to rest. Your thoughts will always be zooming from left to right. We are so busy that we eat while watching the news. Some eat while working. One hand will be holding the food and the other hand is typing something on the screen or on the keyboard. The eyes only look away from the screen when they are having a bite at the food in the other hand. Sometimes the do not even look at what they are eating and only notice when it is finished.

By the time we get home from work we are fatigued from being so engaged, but still there are house chores waiting for us. You still have to cook your dinner. Or maybe there is some work that you brought home from the office.

We need to put a break to this cycle. We need more rest. Our bodies need rest. Most people I know only take a break from all these activities on the weekend, but even then, they get engaged in other personal or family business. It would be very helpful if one had some time alone. I know mothers have the biggest challenge here. They are always putting everybody first before them. They tend to take care of everyone. That is all beautiful, but you need to practice self-love too. Get some alone time where you take a break from the routine.

When we talk about talking a break some people may be thinking of putting on some music or going out with friends. That is opposite from what I mean. What we should be doing is, delegating some minutes of our day to just sitting in total silence. Now, I know most of us are not used to silence, some will say that they will lose themselves in all the silence. Just try. I promise you, when you observe this daily silence, it will be more advantageous.

You can choose the most appropriate time and place for you. Find a quite place, lock yourself in a room if you must. Just sit and observe the silence. Observe your thoughts. It helps when you lock yourself out of the daily outside noise. We all know that we cannot totally control all that noise, so do the most you can. You can control yourself by moving away from it, for some time of the day.

There is bliss in silence. I hope we all come to find that one really gets creative in a quiet and peaceful environment. Take the challenge and turn off the outside noise. In silence it is easier to listen to your inner voice. The more you do this, the more you see the profoundness. In silence you will find wisdom from intuition that becomes easier to discern when you spend time alone.

So, come on give yourself some alone time. Love yourself some more. You will have a lot to tell and teach from silence. You will feel rejuvenated and be focused and more observant of the tasks that you engage in. Well, you can do it!

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