The teacher and the student

‘Follow me and I will show you the way’. If you take these words for their literal meaning, then it shows that one party gives all their trust to another, who seems to be more powerful in a particular way. If you make this a routine does it then mean that you are literally being taken for a round or in circles? If so, then clearly the one claiming to know the way does not actually know. Or if they do, they do not want you to find the way by yourself. So, most of us seem petrified or hypnotized and follow other people without asking questions at all.

If one claims to be chosen by a supreme authority, then is your role just to merely follow them? Are we all equal or there are those that are more equal than the rest of us? Are we as powerful as those who claim to be given some power? A good question could be, ‘if I keep going to the teacher, what do I come out with that I can apply by myself, so that I will not need to go back to the teacher again’. Another good question is, ‘do they want you to keep going back to them?’

If I were the teacher and a student kept coming to me with the same problem over and over and over, then I would not be helping them at all. If the case continues then the person has lost the belief in themselves that they are as powerful enough to find the solution to their problems. I, the teacher should be proof enough that you can also do the acts that I do. It should get to a point that the students of the master, become masters of their own. If there is no transition, then I think they do not learn anything from the master.

Most people have made it a tradition to go to their teachers every so often. The teacher having known this, they give incomplete teachings just to make the masses, in this case their students, to keep coming for more. This creates an opportunity for false teachers to arise. They will claim to know when indeed they know not. Will the masses ever figure this out though? The reward here for the teacher is the ‘token of appreciation’ and it sure makes the teacher hungry for more.

Few are they that would teach the masses to deal with their own problems. They act from a place of love and compassion because from here comes honesty and integrity. If at all I love someone then I would teach them that they are empowered as I am, to conquer the problems that arise. It would be easier for them to look unto themselves for solutions, and not someone else. This is what the true masters have taught for eons.

They say we all have the potential of becoming a Buddha. How does one realize this power? Now this is the work of the teacher. They remind us of how powerful we are. The teaching here is that, if you see somebody who has what you do not have, then it should be a sign that you also, can have it. However, most people take this to mean the complete opposite. They believe that they do not possess the ability to become powerful. So, they create veils for themselves that end up blinding them. They cannot see for themselves. Others have to be shown, to see. This is usually before accepting the power within us all. There are those who do not see at all, even when they are shown. They have completely blind folded themselves and tied their hands to the back and built a wall around them, to these people only they can save themselves from such misery. No one else can.

So, who are these that allow the teacher to blind fold them and lead them without questioning? without the urge to take off the blind fold and see for themselves? Sadly, it is the majority. There is a reward, they say, for those who remain loyal to their teacher. So they invest in their teacher completely forgetting to harness the power within.

We are all gifted just like the teacher. One should always question what it is they are being led to do. The gift of discernment is all in us and to some it may not be utilized. We are all saviors unto ourselves and should therefore take refuge unto ourselves. When a building is under construction, scaffolding is put to cover it up. Later when the construction is complete the scaffolding is taken down, so that the building is seen by other people. Nobody will ever know that the building is complete if the scaffolding is not taken down.

After you have learned from your teacher, get to practice what you have been taught and gain the skill. You will be your own light then you will be able to guide yourself and even teach others someday.

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