A Clean Slate.

black pencil on white paper
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

A couple who have children might have a heated argument. If there is love between them, however, they will sleep and put all that behind them. And the next morning they will wake up and tend for the kids. 

We all have disagreements with other people, and then we hold on to the feeling which leads us to develop grudges along the way. This, we do to the point of talking to them, but deep within we are holding something against them. We put so much energy into the grudges that in turn deprive us of experiencing new opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be better to forgive those who have wronged us? No matter the impact of the wrongdoing, be open to new beginnings. This is not to mean that one evades the feeling of anger. It is okay to feel and process anger. Trying to avoid the feeling only leads to it piling up. The last bit of the process is to let go of the feeling-detach. Eventually, energy will flow where you put your attention. So, if one decides not to let go, then they should be ready for more depressing issues or more disappointments.

It’s not always easy to forgive and forget, depending on the graveness of the issue. However, what most people do not see is the energy going around the seemingly unforgivable, and unforgettable issue. Holding on to negative energy will always cause suffering. This could further server the relationship between two people. The effects of these negative energies go deep down even to their health. They are the cause of diseases that make us suffer. One should be passive to energy, especially negative energy.

Some people deeply believe that one should forgive but not forget. I think the question to ask here is, if it does not serve you, is it worth holding on to? Everything has a lesson, and after each lesson is learned, we ought to view it from an outer angle or a different angle. I do not think viewing it from the same angle makes it any better.

I suppose that forgiving and letting go makes it easier on both parties. By this, they will prevent a small wound from growing into a big wound that never heals. Starting each day on a clean sheet or clean slate has various positive effects on us all. Once one lets the old energy go, new vibrant energy comes in to prepare them for better experiences. Other than going in circles, there is always room for growth. We carry so much burden that in turn makes our experience so challenging. The more dense energy one carries, the denser the reality becomes. One will not even realize the creative potential they have, if they have a habit of clinging to certain experiences with negative energy.

Are you willing to forgive and begin on a clean slate? You will certainly not know of the benefits before you try it out. We all have our lessons to learn here anyway, but there cannot be forgiveness without love. If not done with love then the energy doesn’t really fade away. We are beings of love, therefore, we have the power to transmute negative energy with love that comes from within.

With love you learn to respond instead of react. You learn to observe more instead of always being engaged in that fight or in that argument. With love there is deeper understanding. This is self love, love for one self. When you love yourself, you also love the other self. This does not mean that you put up with negative energy either. You can protect your energy. You can disengage. it is a choice. what do you choose? To wake up everyday just to relieve the negative experiences or to live everyday like it is new, as it is anyway.

What are those things that could help one to achieve a clean slate? We have already talked about love. Maybe we could add one more, meditation. We could add having a clean slate to the many other advantages of meditating. I am sure most of you already know this, but are you doing it though? What is stopping you?

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