Do It, Even If It Is For One Minute.

If communication, about a certain issue, is not clear enough, then people will start forming their own assumptions, and jump to their own conclusions. The messenger, or the one that gave the communication, is then put in a place where they must defend themselves. Already, it is clear, that doubt has been built over the issue that was communicated, and the messenger, or communicator, must now work harder to clear off that doubt. I bet, clearing out the doubt becomes more challenging, than ensuring that the information is on point, just before it is put across. We could call it, clarity of purpose.

Now let us get personal. Let’s say, you wanted to get something, but you send mixed signals to the Universe. You start out strong, and maybe in the middle of the way, you stop and say, ‘No I do not want this, I want that instead,’ because you think the first one was taking too long, or maybe you think that it was too big. So, you ask for the smaller one, because that is what you think you deserve. Or, you think it will take a shorter time to manifest, because it is smaller. These mixed signals give birth to two things; fear, and doubt. I believe these two are compatible. One feeds off from the other.

The mixed signals that one projects out to the universe, will make whatever they want to take much longer. The longer it takes for them to manifest, the more they will begin to doubt if they are worthy of whatever they asked. Fear, will now come and show them that they may be wasting time, that they should just go back to the old ways that were well known to them. Those ways that they have seen to work for them. The person will start to shy away from trusting their faith, they will cast doubt in their faith. Already shaken, they will begin to question what they were thinking, believing in the unknown. If it goes down like this, then fear could have won the battle, or the combat.

When you decide to do something, especially that which is uncertain, do you leave space for doubt to creep in? There is always a chance that it may creep in, but what do you do when it does? You must have a strong faith that is ‘well fed’. Keep focusing on the goal ahead, and not at the doubt trying to pull at the back of your legs. If you look back in the middle of this journey, then you might just let all the doubt come in. If you doubt yourself, for even a minute, then fear comes in.

It could probably come in form of questions. Maybe this could be the first, “how long should I continue to do this before I see the results? Am I even doing it right? By now, you might be asking, ‘what is, feeding my faith’. Consistency would be the answer. The repetition of whatever it is that you are doing. Something is always going to give. I like to make this joke sometimes, that you should keep sticking your hand out, if something does not land on it, at least something will hit it. It is something that you could begin to work with, isn’t it?

Whenever I feel tired of doing something that I know I should be doing every day, like meditation, I tell myself, ‘Hey, just do it, even if it is for one minute, do it’. It works for me. Most times, I end up doing the exercises for the required, or full duration. It is like giving myself bait. If you decide on doing something, you have to keep an open mind. You also have to keep your eyes open, and your hands too. If I told you that you were going to get a miracle today, at the end of the day, how would you know that the miracle has occurred?

Maybe you expected to see it, but felt it instead. Maybe you expected it during the day, but it came in your dreams instead. Maybe it crossed your thought, but you couldn’t separate it from normal thought, because you were not paying attention. The point is, while you are waiting with an open heart, open mind and open hands, you should let go of expectations. Do not stick to an imagination of how, whatever you are asking for, should happen and when it should happen. You have no control over these details.

Holding on to such expectations, is also, creating space, or reason for doubt and fear to come in. As it is apparent, we are all naturally courageous, because we have the courage to ask, the courage to start the manifestation. Fear is something that comes later. It is not naturally within us. If you hold on to your courage long enough, you will always have the assurance that whatever you desire will materialize. So, go ahead and do it, even if it is for one minute. Namaste.

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