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Authenticity At What Cost?

colorful face
Photo by Ivanov Good from Pixabay

If asked who you are, is your answer going to be characterized by what external sources have said about you? Would you stop to think of the many versions of you? Would you hesitate, because the one asking has no idea of what you are about to say? How many people have asked this same question? You have given them all different responses, right?

To each person that you interact with, you want to show them the good side of you. But, regardless of your effort, they will always see you differently. Do you force yourself to fit in the already defined standards? Does that then define you? Does what you do, or get engaged in, define you. If for example, you become a teacher, do you fit into the shoes of who a teacher should be, and act like? How they should teach? Is there a face behind the title, or does the title hide the face completely, so that what remains is a puppet, following the identity of the title?

We all have standards, but we are ready to leave them behind when we see money-making opportunities. How can we forget so fast? Has society made it so difficult for one to survive through the system, if they think, or work differently, holding on to their individual beliefs? Or have we all lost the fight within ourselves to be authentic, and instead found it easier to become like sheep, following our master? How much are we able to give to save ourselves from this deep sleep?

It looks like being different is such a huge risk, that very few are willing to bet on. So we live, defined by the already existing systems. Our creativity is under-utilized. We will then teach our children to go through the same system, just because it is tried and tested. Leaving them no chance at all to be free, free to live the fullness of life, free to experience, and express themselves. Yet we will tell them to be free to choose from the existing options! So afraid of change we are! It has become such a huge threat to those who do not want to get out of their comfort zones.

Being authentic sounds like an easy thing to do, but there are vast challenges that come with it. A price has been put on the one who seeks to be different. They are always going to get themselves going against the existing laws. Their sanity could be a matter of discussion if it goes thus far.

Are you willing to take the risk though? To be seen as defiant? Deep down you will know why you are doing this. Don’t get it twisted. All this happens in society. You need not pull yourself out of it, but you must be fully aware of your sovereignty. Your individual right as a sovereign being.

Another question that is frequently asked is this, ‘how does one say no to a person close to them, without being rude to them?’. One can politely decline, and turn down particular practices. This could get easy, depending on how old one is. There is a guarantee that you will lose people, once one starts going through this path(being authentic).

Confidently going for only the things that resonate is the challenge. Well, this has to be done, while at the same time, loving those who do not resonate with the same things as you do. Will you stand by your decision, and be your greatest supporter when the challenges come along your way? Or will you cave in, and go with the crowd instead?

At some point in our lives, we are pulled to things that resonate with us. If one were to carve their own path according to what resonates, then there would be a sense of freedom. This freedom will be filled with so much beauty! But how does one get proof that things would get better for them, if they went down this path? If one loves and trusts themselves, then they will persevere.

The chance to be authentic though, is always open, regardless of one’s age, or when they decide to tread this path. What we believe in, shapes our lives, and will definitely define those who hang around us. With this, one will know if they are living their purpose, or not. They will always tell if they have internal peace, or not, because they can lie to anyone, but themselves.

We all have opportunities knocking at us, reminding us to be authentic. Do you want to ignore them all? Would you rather live a happy fulfilled life, or dedicate your mission to playing it safe and sound, pleasing others? Starting out could be challenging, but the feeling of doing what you love, and supporting it to the end is definitely a good one. Deep down, we all know who, or what we are. This rare character is there within us all. It must be left to develop. Ask yourself who you are before someone does. You cannot lie to yourself, remember? Namaste.

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