What Is This Creator?


What do you think the creator is? Who really wants to know, and why? Do we have a conclusive answer on who, or what the creator is? Extensive research has been done, but the answer always drives back to us, individuals. The religious scriptures have a lot of text on the characteristics of the creator, and what it likes and does not like. The creator introduces itself as, “I am who I am”, in Biblical texts. What is this thing that we cannot grasp, and when searched for, we are led deep within ourselves?

What is this creator that we cannot point to? There is only a sign of the creation. All creation seems to understand its role, and everything runs smoothly without a driver at the wheel. Where does all creation get instructions from, to continue being?

Some say the creator is in the creation, and that we cannot separate the creation from the creator. To accept this idea is quite difficult for most people. They have been taught that the creator is something big, so they hold an image, or imagination of something that they have never seen. Others are of the belief that there is a special place where the creator resides, and awaits our arrival after we die (exit this earth plane). They also believe, that it is there (the creator’s residence) that the creator will reward them accordingly.

To some, the creator is a supernatural being who created the universe, and put us here to worship him, and follow his laws. Those who go against the set laws, will suffer the consequences such as, burning in everlasting fire. There are various beliefs, but the common thing in all of them is the existence of the creator. Well, except for the atheists. The latter, is said to believe that there is no creator. I do not know much, but, even that is a belief system, and the common thing bringing them together is the idea that there is no creator. So, even this belief has everything to do with the creator. Whether it exists, or not.

Some of us have identified the creator with a gender that is masculine. They would easily take offense at anyone who chooses to associate the creator with the feminine identity. Could it be that the creator is of both, or none of the identities? I mean, if the creator is in everything then it is anything that we can think, and see, and even those that we do not see. But all these opinions are based on the information that we have been taught. So, we only know so much. Do we acknowledge that there are also those things that we do not know, and yet they exist as well?

If one sits quietly in nature, then they will realize that things are always happening. The clouds are up in the sky, the trees are on the ground, there are birds, and so much more. All these, we found on this earth plane. So, where were we when the creation of all these things was happening? There are those who say that we were present during the creation, since we are part of creation.

There is this metaphor that I got from Kryon- channeled by Lee Carroll, it goes, ‘There is a tree on bare land, it grows, becomes huge, and stays alone for some time. All this time, the roots are spreading far and wide. Later a tree sprouts from one of its roots, this tree does not know that it came from the roots of the first tree, and another tree sprout from another part of the root of the first tree, and it also does not know that it came from the first, and so it goes on, until the second, and the third tree also sprout new trees from their roots, and the cycle continues in that fashion’.

The point here is that the tree knows all its ‘children’, but the children do not know that it is their mother. Furthermore, they do not know that they are siblings of the same mother.

Such is the relationship between us, and the creator. We have no knowledge of who we are to one another, so we do not see anything to point at, as the source of our origin. The best we can do is look at our lineage, and how far it goes. The current civilization can be traced to only 11,000 years ago. Yet there is proof of life before that, at 50,000 years ago. We could go on, and on about the history of the planet, and further to what science calls the big bang, the beginning of all that is.

If we could take the metaphor of the tree to get to understand our origin, then it would be clear that there is a piece of the creator in all of us. This corresponds to the idea that the creation, and the creator are inseparable. Most people say that, to find the creator is to find yourself, and when you find yourself, then you find the creator. This is relatable to one who is looking, or searching for themself.

When they finally find themself, they realize that they were not even lost in the first place. What they were looking for was always there to be found. This by now, sounds like a journey. One that some people call, ‘The Hero’s Journey’. The subscribers to the idea of The Hero’s Journey, believe that when we are born, we forget who we are, but deep within, there is that urge to remember. So, when the urge is triggered, then the traveler’s journey begins.

They say that in us, there is something bigger than anyone could ever give you, and that we all have the savior in us. These two statements insinuate the piece of the creator within us. Have you felt, or found the creator within you? Namaste.

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