Death, life, and dreams.

The world over, there are two states that are popular; sleep state and waking state. Both are associated with dreams though. Only the wake-state dream is given precedence over the sleep-state dream.

Death, life, and dreams are overrated, and underrated by different people. Life is like a school that we go to, to learn how to connect with one another and survive. Normally those who are without connections have it rough. We grow up learning to depend on one another and to many, it then seems that they cannot make it alone. Dreams then become a break from the tough school of life and to some, it is viewed to be completely separate from ‘normal life’.

To most people, ‘being alive’ means being as active as possible and engaging in the activities of life. Society likes those who are quick to action and so those who are slow are looked down upon. They say that slow people could miss out on a lot of chances in life. So those that are quick to see opportunities are more likely to survive. It is a game of physical survival and nothing more. Most people stick to a defined understanding of life.

Can life be a fun experience to have? To some, life is an adventure and they do the most they can to enjoy the experience. They have realized that they can have fun while figuring their way out in the school of life.

Most people do not take dreams seriously. They would rather spend their time solving major problems in life that are more meaningful. Yet it is through the same dreams that others get messages and visions that help them traverse through life.  There are those who will say that they do not remember their dreams at all while others will say the complete opposite.

Dreams are a mystery and most people chose to leave them as so. It is meaningless to put so much importance on what they cannot fathom. They think that they have no control over this state (sleep-state dream). The body is usually numb when they are asleep. Some will wake up the next morning and narrate the most beautiful dream they had and wish that it was their reality and on the complete opposite end others will wake up in the middle of the night terrified and sweating because of a bad dream, they call them nightmares.

Judging by the feeling that dreams put in us, is it then okay to assume that to some extent, there is something real in them? I mean how can one remember something that is not real? How different is a dream from what we call reality? They are both experiences, the only difference comes in the amount of time spent in either experience. Dream state seems to take a shorter time but the events take place at a very fast rate and wake sate on  the hand take much longer time, time seems to have slowed down.

In the end, only the individual will decide how much the dream experience means to them, because the collective does not have one dream at the same time. Will they pay attention to what transpires in their dream, as much as they do to those that appear in ‘real’ life?

People do not discuss death in their normal conversation. It is something that is feared by many, and used as an excuse for those who want to justify their choices in life. They get defensive and say ‘whether you do this or do that, you will still die’. It is a statement that comes up a lot of times when people encounter those that have a different choice from theirs. They usually view the other’s choice as absurd, but because they do not know to appreciate diversity they go in a defense mode and try to justify why their view and choice are more important.

To most people, death is the last card to life, the one that ends the game completely. They say that dead men tell no tales. Yet some people have had near-death experiences and come back to tell of their experiences. They are hardly ever believed. We learn to form thick attachments with those that we are related with, so much so that when they die we feel a deep sense of loss. Some people say that they have lost a part of them. They say that those who have died have left a hole in their heart, one that cannot be filled.

So people have chosen to attach a lot of meaning to ‘death’. Even though they do not know what happens to the one who dies. Well, some of them have communicated back through mediums but we still wouldn’t believe without seeing. What do you think about these states; death, life, and dream?

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