Choose Between the Two.

daugnat and candy
Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

You most certainly have called on Spirit for some help, or information. You wait, but do not get any physical proof that your prayer was answered. You randomly go on to YouTube, and the first video to be recommended is somebody talking about, talking to Spirit. The first thing that might cross your mind could be, ‘what do they know?’ There will always be a temptation to click on that video, but you will decide whether the inspiration within, or the motivation that you are looking for on the outside, is more important.

Maybe you expect the person on YouTube to call out your name, and say that, ‘this is the answer from Spirit’. It would be better that way, wouldn’t it? That way, it would be easier to discern. But does it always happen that way? The YouTube video that you are deciding on, whether to listen to or not, could be a beginning of a new journey for you. It could even be more than what you asked for, but if you do not click on it, then it will not be of any help to you, more than having a radio, and not turning it on.

You must tune in, for you to know what is happening. Before you turn on the radio, you do not know what is being said, or the music that is being played. Do you turn that radio on because you feel like listening to it, or something must happen on the outside to make you turn it on? Maybe I digress a little, but the point is, take action on inspiration, rather than waiting for motivation.

With the same breath, I have a challenge for you. This could help you trust inspiration. I could say it majorly involves trusting yourself. Of course, you get inspiration every day, but do you pay attention to it?  Try writing down all the ideas that come to your mind, or you could try this; Sit down on the mat, or on the grass and close your eyes. Relax your muscles, and your body in general. Observe your breathing. For the most part, this is all that you are going to do. Now, I know most are following without practically doing what I am saying.

I must point out that humankind naturally has trust issues. If I tell you to close your eyes, you will first ask yourself if you can trust me enough to have your eyes closed. We always want to see what is happening around us. Unless you trust that person telling you to have your eyes closed, I am sure you will not, or you will have them half-closed, so that you can peep through.

That is just on the eyes alone. You might be wondering why I am saying such things as, ‘observe your breathe’. You may then ask, ‘why? I am always breathing all the time, why do I need to confirm whether I am breathing?’ Of course, we all know that we are breathing, but few pay attention to this exercise. Most people will see it as a waste of time to sit down and close their eyes.

It is never easy to make one do something that they have never done before, the more reason it is going to be challenging to convince you to try these exercises. You will have to keep an open mind. After the first trial, I may lose most people, because they may not have felt, or experienced a major change.

How long can I have you repeating this exercise until you start to experience something new? Most of us grew up being bribed by adults. You were given sweets for you to do something. I am afraid that is not the way it works with this practice. The inspiration to do it has to come from inside, and the more you try, the more inspiration you will get to continue practicing.

I do not want to talk about the beauty of these exercises, because I want you to have your unique experience. Neither will I talk about the advantages. Whatever is meaningful to me, could be utterly meaningless to you. So, I will not give an anecdote of my experiences. I want you to try, and if you do not get to tell me of your experiences, then you will teach somebody else. Or you will share your story, and it may spark the awareness of inspiration to more people.

If you cannot trust the instructor at least trust yourself. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply, take a deep in-breath then a deep out-breath. Do not hold your breath, let it flow. You need willpower, to take action on inspiration. Are you still willing to bet on motivation?

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