Let It Burn.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels

What do you do when you feel the fire burning inside? A fire that you did not set by yourself and cannot put out either. It burns and you can feel the heat all over your body. This is a fire of joy, euphoria, compassion. It is a feeling like no other. At this juncture one wants to spew the fire to others and show them what they are feeling inside, but where are the words to describe the feeling?

How can you feel so appreciative of everything and yet lack the words to express yourself? The fire moves and only tears blind your eyes. How can one feel so powerful, yet so weak at the same time? Subtle energy that you cannot resist! The only thing that one knows for sure, is that this is a different feeling from anything.

The center of your heart is the source of this burning desire. From there it flows through the veins to every part of the body. In this energy, all you can do is be grateful. All this is love, how powerful it is! This is the love I want to share but the challenge is finding the right words to use. How do I explain to another, how the feeling is? Is it even better to show them how I got here?  I feel like reaching out to all my friends and relatives and telling them how much I love and appreciate them. I have tried, and most people don’t take me seriously while others ask, “are you okay?” Now, we all know what this question insinuates.

Should it not be easier to spread such a message as ‘love and light’? Should it not be easier for people to spread love to one another? Wouldn’t the world be a better place to live? All these questions I ask myself but I am also fully aware that the answers are contained in me. The fact is that there is a tussle between dark and light, energetically that is. Subsequently the ‘opposites’ of these two things we are talking about-love and light- are fear and darkness. Now, these are part of a human construct. We have created darkness and given it negative characteristics. We then pass the darkness from one generation to the next and because of these scary characteristics we create fear around it.

Why do I find it challenging to share light and love? It could be because I have been brought up in the above-mentioned constructs. To be the only light that shines in the dark! Are people open to, and willing to listen to the message of love and light? This kind of message surely does sound insane, because it’s not what we are used to. We have been lost in the dark for a while, and finally, when the light comes on, we shield ourselves. It is only then that we see ourselves for who we are, and those who are around us. Will we then be afraid of what we see? Most likely. But the pupil adjusts naturally in the light. If one were to stay standing and not jump back to the fading darkness.  

The small spark within us is so powerful once ignited by one’s willpower. So, our little light within has big effects on the external, for wherever you go, you cause a spark in those that come close to you. This is through love and compassion. When one has their lights on, they do not need to preach about it. Just being who they are is enough.

Do we get destabilized by people’s actions? Yes, but choosing to see the good in others helps a great deal. One would suffer trying to change others and only come to peace with the realization that being themselves is enough.

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