Knocking on the door

Who is he that knocks at the door but runs away just before it is opened? Is he scared or just impatient? Are they afraid of what is on the other side, simply because it is not familiar?

We all do this sometimes. We call on Spirit or Jesus or our guides for help, but when the answer comes, we are not there. We have long moved to another spot by then. One could say that holding trust for the unseen is challenging, since they have been brought up with the dictum that, ‘seeing is believing’. So, they let doubt creep into this unknown path. They are only in control of the process but not of the result per se. There is so much uncertainty. How long could the reply take to come? It could be instant, but how do you separate it from your ‘reality’.

The reply would mostly come the same way as your reality for you to perceive, but one could be waiting for an extra ordinary type of reply. The belief in things that are unseen is called faith, so how strong is your belief? I wonder if the answer to our questions come in a subtler way and the noise within us just shuts it down.

Do we then form assumptions of what the answer could be, just to feel good about ourselves? What if you paid attention to what others are telling you? Could the reply to your query be sent through other people? Now, if one is too proud, they will surely miss the train or take the wrong train altogether.

How does one begin to discern between intuition and normal thought? This is an ability that takes time to develop. The door must be knocked on occasionally and patience must be practiced. The belief that the reply will come at the right time has to be strong.

This door is a metaphor that implies the veil. There are ways that one can move past the veil. Meditation and prayer are just a few examples. The more one practices whatever method they are comfortable with, the more the veil becomes thin. Eventually one will be able to discern communication from ‘the other side’. The first test here is with the methods one uses to reach the door, because each of them require time to develop. Patience and discipline are top priority.

This veil has been put here by us. The stronger the negative beliefs about it are, the thicker it is. When one begins to walk this path, they must shed of their beliefs about the veil and be ready to learn the truth. When we are born into this world the veil is usually thin, but the things we pick up in the society we grow up in begin to thicken it. Just like everybody’s life path is unique, the process of thinning the veil is different for each one of us. This will depend on the human filters we have picked up in our cultures.

The depth of this filters will determine the time it will take to change one’s perspective about the veil. How much is one willing to let go of what they believe and put it aside? This must be done first for new information to flow in. So, now it is understood that before one shades of the filters, they knock on the door but protect themselves with what they think they know about the veil.

The motivation to take down the veil is more of a personal experience as opposed to a group. This is because everyone must do different things to clear their path. But is it that simple? Letting go of the things we hold dear is difficult, because of the investment we have put in them. Telling someone with a doctoral degree in a certain field to put their education aside for a while could be very challenging.  Same goes for the one who has deep investments in religion. The reason being these things have helped them move along the reality they have created for themselves.

Most people find security and prestige in their filters. So, it will be hard to let go of their attachments. This then calls for one to be open minded. Most people will question your sanity and the test will be whether you trust the process or give up the race and go back to the old comfortable ways.

What if the response is one to be felt, then interpreted? Are you able to interpret energy? If not, are you willing to stick around long enough to interpret this language that is energy? Hang around that door long enough and let the owner-you, get familiar to you. Do not become a stranger at your own house. How about the next time you turn up, you do not have to knock because you find the door open? Just waiting for you. How would you feel?

Well, this is the ideal situation. The door is open, and you are waiting for you to come in. But some would hesitate and stop further away from the door. The good news is, once you begin the journey, you slowly remember the way back home. You know the way dear one and you are eagerly awaited. How would it feel being your own guest? Nice to meet you!

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