The Light and Darkness Within.

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Photo by Eyasu Etsub on Unsplash

We all know the story of Spirit and the devil. Depending on the culture or society that we were brought up in. there are grave stories created about the devil. The devil is associated with evil or dark energy. Up until now, there are those who believe that bad things come from the devil and good things come from Spirit.

So, things like diseases, being stolen from, losing a job, unexpected death among other ‘negative’ things are all associated with the devil. Countless times I have heard people say with certainty that they were misled by the devil. So basically, any decision that leads to regret is then associated with the devil, and we can absolve ourselves from all the blame.

On the other end, all the good opportunities and ‘blessings’ that come along our way are then associated with Spirit and people go on thanking the creator only for these things that are deemed ‘good’. I understand the balance that people choose to call Spirit or devil as energies. It is just a balance of potentials or possibilities.

The lesson is about the balance of energies within so, let us get personal. We all believe that we have a good part and a bad part. The bad part is that side of us that can be consumed with rage and explode thereby affecting people negatively. This is the part that does not forgive and seeks revenge because to this side, all that matters is that you get what you deserve at all costs. With this side, it is okay to cheat your way out or use ulterior motives to get what you want.

When people say that ‘you do not know me’, I am guessing that this is the side they mean. For most people, they say that they do not want this side to be triggered. Whenever they find themselves going to this side, they begin to blame themselves. They hate this side of them, or they hate the feeling that it comes with. If I were to get into a heated argument that resulted in fighting with someone close to me, I would blame myself for losing control afterward.

What excuse will I come up with later when apologizing? Of course, I will say that I was not myself, or I lost control. Most people will come up with words such as, ‘I am not always like that’.

On to the other side that is associated with love and light. This is the side that leads people to make all the right decisions. You go around forgiving those who wrong you and ‘you love your neighbor as you love yourself’. This good side leads me to believe that I get blessings for sharing what I have and being nice to those around me.

I may not have a lot to say about the alleged good side because people believe it is their true nature. Will anyone be willing to accept that both the good side and the bad side are their nature? By accepting that both are parts of us, then we would learn to live with both sides. Can one take a neutral position and observe these parts? One way or the other they will be expressed.

What you resist persists. If you try to suppress the ‘bad’ side of you it will always find a way to resurface. So, if you do not learn to accept this side then I bet you will continue feeling bad for yourself, beating yourself up. Have you made a decision that led to negative consequences and then you thought you were being punished for your decision, punished by Spirit?

Do you believe that there is a side of you, that if you let it in, you will lose all control to it? Lose the fear and face this ‘dark’ side of you. This is the only way that you are going to learn the balance that you have in you. You probably fear this ‘dark’ side of you because you do not know it. Well, what will you lose if you got to know yourself? We have not ‘seen’ either Spirit or the devil physically and that explains all the assumptions we have built around them for the longest time. That can be excused, but you feel and express yourself every day. You know what you feel about yourself. Be aware of the balance, you cannot evade it.

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