Who is your puppeteer?

Photo by Agni B on Unsplash

While on campus, I had a routine for listening to the radio every night. The radio was always on for the whole night. The station of choice was Classic 105. As the name goes, they played classical music. It was an uninterrupted session of pure music. We had developed such an amazing relationship with the radio that we would also listen to the talk shows during the day. This of course was on those days that we did not have classes.

I loved the morning show because of the issues that were discussed and the callers who had very interesting opinions on the issues. To this date whenever I listen to classical music, I am reminded of this radio station. It has been a long time now and both I and the radio program have changed over time. My general choice of music has changed and favors house music.

Occasionally, I go for pop music. The radio programs have taken to engage political programs and the hosts have also changed. I do not listen to the radio as often as I did. If I must, I prefer to listen to one that gives priority to music more than the talk shows.

Sometimes I find it ironical when the hosts are talking about helping yet the sponsored ads state the exact opposite of what they meant. How can we for, example, talk about gambling being a vice and then with the same breath promote an advert about betting? So, which is the message? The first or the second?

I know most people just listen without asking the hard questions. It is also healthy to question things. Otherwise, as my friend would say, ‘if you do not ask, you are not thinking, and it is dangerous when you are not thinking’. It means that you are easily influenced to do or believe an agenda. The sooner we even realize that we have the power to choose whatever we are listening to, the better. Better still, we should realize that we are being programmed to think and act a certain way.

I keep wondering and some also say it openly, is it not better when it is not scripted? This is what they say about talk shows, be it on the radio or the television. Why? Would it not be better to know that you have the freedom to talk about anything that you see fit? There surely is a sense of freedom that comes with this. I mean, if the talk show host does not want to be controlled, how are you still going for a story that is scripted a certain way?

Do we really feel secure with the scripted story, that is sold to us and we are then expected to believe everything that we see and hear and even read? If so, do the writers or presenters ask questions that trigger our thinking? I doubt it. Most of the content wants to show you a certain agenda that is associated with negativity: this is, doubt, pain and worry. They rarely share positive stories. Most are sad stories that want to show you that you may not be the only sad person. They could be trying to show you that a bigger percentage are sad.

What do you think your reaction would be? You will obviously take the negative energy and feel sad. So, on the large scale, if this keeps happening over and over then we have the effects of the negative energy settling in and therefore the larger population with negative energy is born. If you keep seeing sad pictures and reading sad stories the same applies.

People believe what they see or hear or read more than what they find out for themselves. Listening and reading and hearing are always happening though. So, the question then becomes, how do you choose what you read, watch or listen to? Do we have a choice? Yes. The biggest loss to most of us is that we are not even aware of this choice. So, we feel safer being led. Sadly, like sheep. What are the chances that you could be misled?

I present choice, ladies and gentlemen. Take it. With it, you can find the light or the dark. You are entitled to whatever you go out to seek. Oh, in this case not using or being aware of choice is a choice on its own. This is the greatest lesson to learn. A few times I hear people say that the radio is talking to them. This is obviously the minority. I think this only happens when one is out here looking for something.

Rarely do I hear very intuitive discussions and I know this because of my discerning ability. Most programs out there are built to create controversy and get the largest following of viewers or listeners or readers. Most of these NEWS outlets are businesses and are majorly profit-oriented. Their interest will always come first, and this is neither good nor bad. It is the listener to choose what they want to tap into because as a matter of fact, there is something for everyone. No one is ever left out. Make the choice, step aside and see the ones that are pulling the strings. You will get what you deserve.

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