Believe, then See it.

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

There is so much beauty in the talk of creativity but in the end, all that pays is consistency. With just the right intention, you can move mountains, so, it is said. Is intention another name for faith? I wonder. It has been said numerous times that, where attention goes, energy flows. Also, attention follows intention. Others have said that, aside from intention, everything is energy.

My energy field feels charged today and in a sense, I am energized. I feel like charging out at the keyboard and writing my heart out. My fingers are even rushing faster than the thoughts can flow. I am in an expression frenzy per se. I am sure that if I got on stage with this type of energy, people will be mesmerized. Well, I surprise myself all the time. Most times, doing things that could be considered childish, things like viewing certain thoughts and having conversations about it, solo. Ask again if I am delusional, and all I can afford is a laugh. Of course, I will be laughing both at you and myself. At you, because you are too critical in life and at me, for being free in thought and imagination.

Some people come and tell you, ‘let your thoughts run wild’. Is it not ironical though that once you let them run wild, then they fix their gaze on you like you are crazy? Yes, those who are gullible, and open to all possibilities get to manifest faster than those who are critical. To the gullible, they will put all their faith then begin questioning later. I am part of the latter, and it’s most probably why I have come thus far on this journey of infinite possibilities.

Most times, I get an idea and believe it like a child believes everything that their mother or adult tells them. It is only when they are older that they realize that certain things were just fairy tales. But even fairy tales are real, misused example here, but you get what I mean. Their innocence even helps them to manifest more things. This is through their parents of course.

How much can one scream that the only secret is that which is out there in the public? There is no secret more than that which is on the paper, on the television, on radio, and even on our clothes every dawn till dusk. Yet we still meet and ask what the secret is. It is definite that many will be shown the secret, but they will still get stuck or not see at all. It is obviously their choice. Leonardo da Vinci once said that there are three types of people, those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.

To get what you desire you need to believe and have faith in it. Or you could just believe that you already have it and just give thanks for it already. Do you want to see it first before you believe or believe then see it? That is all up to you.

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