Welcome to the path unknown, let go.

welcome to the path unknown/gbttf

One must always have a plan. You cannot just wake up and sit down the whole day doing nothing. Having been trained to be in control of my life, I had mastered the craft. One had to be accountable for their deed, I believed. There is always comfort in knowing that you are in control of your life. Believing that the creator helps those who help themselves, so you commit to doing the most you can to control the outcome of the things you engage in, in life. With this mindset I always felt guilty if I failed to notice what I believed I should have known or done, obviously having faced the negative consequences.

What one never realizes is, this controlling attitude develops layers of protection to the point that one fears to walk ‘untreaded’ paths even if they are safe. One is constantly watching, ready to judge themselves and others when they feel that they fell short of the set standards. For me, this nature of always being in control started to develop when I concluded that reliance or over-reliance on other people always left me feeling betrayed. This is something that happened a couple of times. So, I decided that I should always be the one to control the outcome of such events.

When one is in this situation it is hard for them to make new friends, even the friendships that you already have feel strangled because of a strict nature of relating to each other-rigid. Everything that is not proven or tried and tested becomes a threat. A new friend in the circle? This is just a source of insecurity. It takes quite a long time to unshackle from these chains of fear. It is never easy because it is the same as having a fresh wound out in the open for people to poke at.

It is quite hard for ‘control freaks’ to forgive themselves let alone other people. They most times form an ultra-ego with whom they have an argument, whether to forgive or not. Such a burden it becomes. Holding grudges left and right and even with yourself. There is always a force of competition and ‘correctism’ or judgement. One is always comparing themselves with others. The fire of judgement slowly building up.

One is always easy to provoke! Because the mountain layer of protection is made up of FEAR. They get defensive whenever the fear is set bare for everyone to see. The reason for this reaction is that fear is a low vibration, and it keeps one in a low vibration bracket. The layers of protection for me, was just but fear appearing as a form of safety. Yet I never saw it that way. The truth here is that I did not allow myself to heal from these failed or broken promises.

When I finally decided to let go and be open to other possibilities in life then I began to feel lighter. The old tradition fought like a wounded animal before it floated away. This is because my general vibration was quite different, high in a sense.

The path unknown is like putting your faith in wind. You cannot grasp it. You hear the sound and its the only thing that you build your faith on. The wind cannot be controlled. It blows to whatever direction it pleases and at whatever time. The wind, strong enough to cause a hurricane and uproot trees yet at the same time can be gentle and soothing. Yet do people throw curses at the wind? It would be surely meaningless. So is the path unknown. Having faith is enough. Efforts to be in control are fruitless and always lead to suffering.

Having faith in the unknown is like a farmer planting a seed. They have no idea of how the harvest will be like. The farmer’s faith has grown over time, he has seen ‘good’ times and ‘bad’ times. Faith to me grows the more you let go of expectations. How would it feel like leaving a job and going out to fulfill your Soul’s desire? It sounds foolish but I do not know if there is a smart way of dealing with faith. It does sound foolish because it is not the norm.

Much has been said and a lot more could be added to this but ultimately, the real journey begins when you decide to accept to forgive yourself.

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