Reflections of us, take 1

Image by Dirk Wohlrabe from Pixabay

We all get to look in the mirror, most times it is for the assurance of what we think we look like. Or when we look on reflective surfaces. We would not know what we looked like even without other people telling us or without comparing ourselves to other things that we think are not like us. So, this brings us to the perceived awareness of what we are or what we are not. Is this not seeking validation? The whole universe is just a mirror. What do you choose to see in it though?

So, in comparison, people make assumptions such as, ‘I am like you, so we are the same.’ By this assumption, they decide that they want to hang around such people because they are a type. The other assumption is that, ‘I am not like you’, so they do not want to hang around such people who do not match their characteristics, mostly physical. The rarest group here are those with the assumption that we are all equal or the same regardless of our physical differences. The latter derive their assumption from the understanding of the creator and creation at large.

They say that we are all part of this creator, the creator that does not know itself. So, in order to know that it is there, it expresses itself in different ways. This is in form of everything that is in existence. But none of these things on this earth plane have the knowledge that they are part of the creator and that they are in deep sleep or they have forgotten where they came from.

We, originally part of the creator, are born into this physical realm from the source. We are here on a mission that we chose for ourselves before we were born. When the mission is complete then we go back home to the creator. For most people who have not begun the journey of remembering who they really are, it is hard for them to believe that we are all the same. The teaching that the creator is everywhere exists, but people tend to exclude themselves from that list. That is why we treat each other in ways that do not depict the unconditional love that is our true nature.

People will be looking at trees or animals and be thinking that they look so different, I would think this is because they do not know how to communicate with them. If one was to communicate with all creation, then the barrier of our differences would collapse as they came to the realization of oneness. We all want to think that we are not or cannot be the same because of our competitive nature. So instead of realizing that we are just unique, we put a veil and only recognize the differences.

The things that we see outside of us are there to show us the infinite possibilities of creation. So, the question that arises from seeing the differences is, ‘how can I possibly be part of that?’ or ‘how can it be part of me?’ the answer to this question usually rests within and is there to be found for those who seek. In this path, one realizes that the love that they have for themselves can be extended to all creation. This is the journey of the acceptance of the creator within, otherwise known as synchronicity. Synchronicity brings on the bigger picture and a better understanding of things. The understanding that you can relate to anything and everything.

The Mayans knew about this connection with all, and it can be seen even in their greeting, ‘in lak’ ech ala kin’. When translated to English the meaning becomes, ‘I am you and you are me’. Various indigenous groups were advanced in the knowledge of the creator and it could be seen in the way they related to each other and with nature too. With this knowledge and understanding, they achieved most things that the current civilization has not, by large. One thing is for sure though, eventually, we will become aware of the creator inside and it will happen at the exact time when we are ready, individually. It is a solo journey before it gets to the collective.

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