Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The absence of light evokes a sense of doubt in us. This happens as we become uncertain of what could possibly happen. We are used to seeing everything and being able to even predict the next outcome of events. When we are suddenly in a state of darkness, we tend to lose control. ‘All hell broke loose’, one might say, ‘as the hair stood, the heart palpitations increased, and they experienced sweating in their armpits’.

The feelings are heightened at this time and one can easily jump from the sound of their footsteps-adrenaline rush. Doesn’t the sound of the heartbeat supposed to assure us of our own safety? Or do we get so busy not to be aware of it such that it is not normal to hear.

When one is walking in a dark and isolated alley, the sight of shadows might make their heart race a bit. How does hearing sounds in the dark and not seeing anything make us feel? Does one feel powerless because they cannot see? But most children are not afraid of the dark at all. They can easily go out alone. Of course, this is before the adults put fear in them, telling them that scary things lurk out in the dark. The child will develop fear of going out in the dark and with time, even being alone in a quiet space. This could be a reason why most people would prefer to be out in a loud company rather than be alone. Are they afraid of themselves too?

Most people will say that they develop ‘bad’ thoughts when alone and others would say that being lonely could lead them to depression. Shouldn’t it be natural to be your best company though? When one is young, they are given a lesson of things they should fear and refrain from doing because of their assumed negative consequences. So, most people grow up fearing what other people fear. This, simply is, inherited fear.

Most people would fear having some spare time in their hands! Because they have been trained to always be doing something. ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’, they say, ‘So always be occupied’. Most if not all of us are afraid of getting out our comfort zone. And they even say cowards live longer.

Why is fear such a powerful tool. It is used first by parents to control their children into good behavior, then in school to make you pass the tests and excel in academics or face some consequences. It is also used in religion to make people follow perceived instruction of a superior authority who would otherwise punish them. Most governments rule by fear, so that they can continue to impose their rule on their citizens. This is used in such a way like ransom. Yet people grow comfortable in the comfortable walls of fear.

Well they say fear creeps into us but light comes from within. It should be clear then that fear is something that is brought to us by external forces or ourselves. On the other hand, the light comes from within before it shines out. What will ignite the light within you?

Are we sure of tomorrow if we cannot see it? We can all agree that the outcome of the future is uncertain. There are infinite possibilities. The difference though lies in what weight we put into thinking about what we cannot see rather than what we can see. We cannot manage the future but we can be present and act in the moment. It is the moment that gives birth to the future and if we just stay present long enough, then we will get there with it. All the worry and frustration is not going to make it easy in the now.

We just might miss on so many opportunities holding doubt and worry over whether tomorrow will come. Tomorrow actually always comes, the only question is, will it find you waiting or you will have moved on to another thing altogether?

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