Symbiotic relationship.

It has been said a lot of times. Your body is the kingdom of Spirit. But where is this Spirit? What if I told you that you are the Spirit? How would you treat your body if you knew that you are the Spirit in fact? Unfortunately, this message has been misused or used against us. In judgement. Yes.

Here is an example. Those who do not sit well with tattoos will come quoting the phrase, ‘your body is the kingdom of god’. This scenario is funny in a way because it assumes that the body is like a borrowed vessel that is supposed to be handled with care and then returned in good condition, after one is done with it. This sounds more like borrowing a coat to go to a party.

Just how much of this body do you think you own? Or maybe forget about owning. That could bring another different meaning altogether. Do you think you would be here on this earth plane without the body? It is indeed a vessel that enables the experience we have here.

Do you depend on your body to stay alive or does your body depend on you? Is it a symbiotic relationship? Maybe today I take a different approach to this issue just to get you thinking. It is by asking questions that gets us thinking right?

How much longer do you think you would survive if you do not eat or drink anything? The body is powered and driven by nutrients. It is an arguable point that we are what we eat. It is like garbage in garbage out. Whatever you feed on will be seen on the physical characteristics of the body.

When they say that you should keep the kingdom of Spirit clean, I think what they mean is, simply keeping clean. How comfortable would you be sharing a room with somebody who does not shower and does not change clothes? Now put yourself in that scenario. I am sure you would not stand it. So, basically take care of yourself for your own good.

There is no external entity who is coming to inherit your body. That Spirit that is talked about is just you. I am sure you love yourself, so, treat your body with love too. You are responsible for your own health.  How much longer do you want to spend in your body? Well, that is up to you to decide. What is your relationship with your body? I think at the other end of the spectrum the question would be, how much are you willing to spend on your body?

Are you aware that you can talk to the innate? Yes, and affirmations also go a long way.

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