We All Have The Gift!

Photo by Andrew Bui on Unsplash

Everybody is always fighting for something. Most fight for a better life, better living conditions. Those who came before us had to fight for freedom, as the history books paint it. They fought for a cause, and even lost their lives for it. All this for freedom! What is this thing called freedom?

Can we see it? Well, now that other people fought for it, do we have it? Is freedom something that is given, or do we all have it? People fight for freedom of expression, freedom of association, and even freedom of worship. Who is this that grants these rights?

We are all born free. Free to express ourselves, free to move and to think. Where then do the restrictions begin? How then do we start fighting for what we already have? There is the mother of all freedoms though, and most are not aware of it. We interact with it every moment, but we are not fully aware that it is the source of all freedom.

Who has heard of anyone fighting for the freedom of choice? I bet we will never hear of them. Why is it the case? Everything we do, or engage, in is a matter of choice. Those who fight for freedom, make the choice to do so. On the other hand, those who do not fight, also make the choice not to.

What is freedom? Do we really think that we are not free? Of course, we are not all kings and queens, and that makes us subjects for our rulers. They make rules and impose them on their subjects. There has not been a syllabus on freedom of choice, and I do not think there will be any.

Freedom of choice is a gift that we all possess, and can never be taken away. Although it can be influenced. However, in the end, you still get to make a choice. Or, you get to make the choice to not make a choice. One choice is always going to lead to another, they are connected in a way.

Deciding to eat healthily will be associated with longevity, and on the other hand, deciding not to eat healthily, will be associated with a shorter life span. The freedom of choice is an individual affair, more than a collective affair, even though our individual choices, make up the collective choice. So, I would like everybody to take a minute and stop! Think about the choice you are making. Does it serve your highest good, first and foremost?

Are you happy with the action you are taking? If the choice is good for you, there is no guarantee that everybody is going to embrace it. It could rub people the wrong way. But we all have our choices to make. Even those who oppress us make the choice to do so. Those who continue to suffer under their oppressive rule, make that choice, and ultimately, those who fight against oppression make that choice.

Are you going to judge someone for the choice they make? This is all up to you, for even judgement, is a choice you make. Just be aware that you cannot change the way people think about you, regarding your choices. It is not even your job to change them. Today, I speak about freedom of choice, tomorrow I may speak of freedom of expression. My point here is, that people should put their choice first, and be aware that they have that freedom too, before they follow the choices of others. Just a final point, the creator is not going to judge you for the choice that you make. You will. I mean, the creator gave you that gift, how then does he judge you for it? Be gentle with yourself dear one. Namaste.

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