Connections, Take 1.

Photo by mododeolhar from Pexels

We all love recognition. It feels good to be known by people, many people. Most of us love it when they are randomly called by someone, when they walk along the streets. Maybe this has to do with dopamine rush. They feel good about themselves for some time.

The feeling of belonging sends us out to make connections in form of friendships. We seek out those possessing the characters that we desire. Everybody wants to be known by that incredibly famous or talented person. How much of our freedom and dignity do we give to these connections? There is always pressure among peers to fit in and as a result one ends up engaging in activity endorsed by a group and not necessarily something that they would do when alone.

Connections could be advantageous if like-minded people got together to create something productive. When more than one person come together to focus their intention on something then it materializes faster than if they were by themselves. Mass meditations have proven this fact. Prayers would work the same way. In the current civilization we are taught to believe that networking is what makes one to grow and get connected to the right people, especially, career wise.

There is a saying that goes, ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’. It then goes to show that the people that we spend more time with end up influencing us. But what do we say for the introvert, that, to some degree has no friends or no real friends at all?

For most people when they first join a new school they always keep to themselves on the first two or three days, before they get a friend. In some cases, the teacher assigns a guardian to the new classmate, the guardians may or may not turn out to be the new pupil’s friend. The new pupil will be cautious to choose who they think will make a good friend in this new territory. There are obviously those outgoing classmates who will approach them for friendship. If these match their characters, then they will accept their friend request.

This whole story is about us, looking for outward connection and I am sure it reflects the situation for almost all of mankind. We seek to connect with our mothers’ first at a tender age when we are still suckling. This is an example of unconditional love. It is a kind of connection that one rarely gets anywhere else. Children are naturally curious, and they always want to find out what connections they have with the rest of the family.

When they get older, the relationships or connections that they make will be determined by how their close connections from a younger age treated them. Most kids who grew up in abusive relationships will have problems in making connections and there are other circumstances too. All this talk is about a connection with other human beings, well, how about connection to the creator? Does anyone teach children how they can connect with the creator? better still, do adults then continue looking for a way to connect to the creator?

Are there a given step by step guides on how one can create a connection with the creator? Connection between men on the other hand is something one learns through experience and pure observation. So why is connection to the creator deemed as difficult. Most people use this ‘connection’ to their advantage though. Being the only ones who ‘know’ what it is to connect to the creator they may portray themselves as the only chosen voice.

Are people even willing to connect with their creator? Who would be willing to connect and be friends with something that watches their every move. Certainly this is the idea held by most of us. It is quite hard to develop a relationship with someone or something that has an upper hand at everything. They can always tell if you are lying or pretending. The connection most fear, would come up with such issues, they think they would lose their privacy or they have already lost it. They also feel that they would be judged for most of their actions or inaction.

Are any of our man to man connections built out of fear? Certainly not, I would think. Then why would we associate fear with the connection with the creator? Is this another case of fear of the unknown in action? Most of these connections are conditional which is quite the opposite of the connection we have with the creator. Alright, there I said it, the connection is already there. It is not something one has to struggle to create, neither is it a broken relationship that has to be mended.

Once you spark the connection with the creator, then all the clarity begins to show. He who wears the shoe surely knows where it pinches the most.

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