What Is Your Way?

Image by Gerald from Pixabay

For a better part of my teenage age, I was a big fan of Television and movies. I would always stay late watching something. If I did not have a DVD, then I would watch Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on one of the local channels. I remember when I was in high school, during the holidays, my dad would get me out of the TV room at 3 AM every day. It was funny that he used to ask me the same question every day, “what are you doing down here (downstairs) at 3AM?” Most days, I did not give the response, because the moment I opened my mouth to do so, he would already be pointing at the door, signaling me to go and sleep. There was obviously a rule for us to sleep before him, but I would wait for him to fall deep asleep, then I would tiptoe down the stairs, and go back to the TV room.

It is about the same time, that I developed an interest in a certain music show on television called, ‘The Beat’. It could be considered the best music show compared to others in the local channels at the time. So, when we had time in school, we talked about movies, and music, and actors, and musicians too.

Most of us were so influenced by the music culture, so that we dressed like some of the musicians. Most of us would follow what they (musicians) did without thinking through. There was a trend then, about having biographies that required your friends to also fill in their information. Thinking of it now, we had our own networking system. In these biographies, you would find a person’s favorite movie, actor, music, and the associated lyrics, musician, and many other details. It was an honor to have people from other schools put their profiles in your biography, especially if they were girls.

For most of us, the influence of the arts culture still remained in a strong way, and it reflected in the way we dressed, and talked, and even walked. So most of us were living lives that were not our own. So much like copying and pasting. To add on to all this influence, was that of the adults in our lives, specifically, our parents and elder siblings. We looked up to them while making most decisions.

Depending on the environment that one grows up in, the factors of influence vary. It is clear that the influence touches on the most important points in life, the social side to do with culture, religion, associations, and even expression. So, we grow up, having been shaped up according to the belief patterns of our influencers.

This is a growth and development system, where one rarely ever gets a chance to practice, or do what they have individually crafted, and decided to do. It seems that there is a script that has already been made, and that our lives should follow it. On very rare occasions do we see people being allowed to be their true selves, or practicing what their heart desires.  There are talents that are widely recognized, and praised, while others do not receive much support from society. This is all according to the script that is already written.

So, the question is, at which point does one get rid of the old script, and write their own script that suites only them. We do not all have equal abilities, or talents. It should be obvious then, that using one system to identify the strengths of different abilities is not fair to all. The real situation, is that there is little chance for one to wake up to this journey of writing their own script. The reason is, by the time they realize that they have the power to do it, they decide again that it is too late to make changes. They say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. So, they look the other way, and follow the general script. It is easier that way.

How far is one willing to go to do what rings true for them? They should be able to accept being viewed as if they have gone mad, for doing things their own way, and being true to themselves. At what cost does authenticity come? Some people say that there is nothing new under the sun. I think this is such a limiting statement, and it tends to generalize everything in one box. I dare say that one can experience new things about themselves that they did not think ever existed. If one puts all their belief, and trust in those things that are true to them, there is always a guarantee of a positive outcome.

Everything has challenges, and some of them will test if one is honest with themselves, or they are ready to go back to old patterns. Being authentic is simple but not necessarily easy. One comes from a place of denying themselves, to accepting who they truly are. Things will always get clearer, and easier as one continues the journey of authenticity. Namaste.

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