Reflections of us, take 2

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

The realization that we are all connected rarely happens in groups but by changing one’s personal reality first. Ironical is it not? That we can be in a group and still fail to see the connection between us. The universe and everything in it is a reflection of us, meaning that if we go to the most granular level which is the atomic level, then we see the connection. This, science knows. This is quantum physics. Science now knows that everything in existence is just energy and the property of energy is that it can never be destroyed or created, it only moves into form, out of form, and through form. Perhaps a better understanding of energy would help one see what reality really is. Or, what is really real.

Alan Watts, in one of his lectures, said, ” We only experience ourselves in terms of others. Also, you wouldn’t know that you exist if you were entirely alone”. So, we constantly compare and contrast what we align to or don’t align to, respectively. When a child is born it observes those who are close to it and eventually picks some of their characters. How people respond to it will determine a great deal what the child grows into. Later we will see the characters that we passed on to the child. If they are not good characters, then obviously we will frown upon them and try to instill discipline. But we tend to forget that those characters are in us.

Most of us only want the child to exhibit the good characters and the opposite is rejected and often times the adults could ask where the characters came from. It should be accepted or realized that they are just mirroring us. If it looks bad to us, then it goes to say that we should change ourselves first then ultimately the infants will adapt to the changes as we will reflect it to them. The big picture here is to focus on oneself and specifically look within. A quick peek in the law of attraction that shows, that like attracts like, will tell us that all that we experience, both the good and the bad are what we reflect to us by us.

An example is if one has a lying character then they will definitely get other people who lie in their life path. This is because the universe will mirror back to them whatever they are projecting. This happens knowingly or unknowingly. So, whoever is aware of this then has the upper hand because they can then change the situation to favor them. Sometimes, society likes to look down on some people who are said to be immoral and they are shunned. But we fail to recognize that that which we call immoral was picked from some of us. In this case, life is telling us that deep down, we also have these characters.

The good side of the end of this rope is that one can choose to accept what they are getting and make it a learning experience of what it is they are projecting out there. Sometimes the universe could be reflecting to you the things that you desire but do not have yet, this could be a sign that you are headed in the right direction. If one chooses to continue trusting the signs, then their desires will materialize. On the other end, if one lives in a space of lack and focuses on those things that they do not have, they will never be projected back. Instead, what they get is the constant feeling of lack. Everyone has a choice then, of where they choose to put their focus.

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